Life Begins


Sperm enters the egg
life begins
yet what is life
the multiplying of cells
When does the baby
in the womb have life?
At what point do we
begin to honor this being
this miracle called “life?”

And when do we have the right
to decide this life is not
worth honoring any more
not “good enough,” different
unlikable, even hated
should be destroyed?

So we ignore it, are unkind,
starve it, hurt and even kill
this life whom we
decide should no longer be.

Who are we to decide
such an enormity?
Serial killers, Hitlers
starving children
old man frozen in a doorway
enemy under a different flag.
Do we ever have the right
to judge or let our indifference
decide who shall live or die?

I had very strong opinions
about this when I was young.
Now I want only God to decide
when and how someone dies.
Surely I do not have
the wisdom to do this.


  1. you speak of god, where is god!

    When those children whom are carrying water for miles, no parent, just voture of human being preying on them?

    You speak of a god..

    Man made god…

    god didn’t make man!

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    • Chris, there is nothing I can say to you that is not said in the poems, more beautifully. I certainly can not explain why duality exists. There is very little that I am sure of…mostly I just accept the possibility of most ideas. But the one thing that I am certain of in my own life is that there is a loving God who with me and that I am part of that Force, that Source that I can not define but feel and know with an absolute certainty that he/she/it exists. It is a knowing in my core that leaves me with such serenity that nothing ever shakes it no matter what is happening outside. I hope you someday find this core within you and have the serenity for which you long. I also want to tell you how much I enjoy seeing you here so often. Thank you for your presence here. hugs, pat

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      • What is Source to you? Each of us must decide. There are many names, but only One, Creator of all things. The more I study sacred geometry, the more I understand that how the world is put together must come from one Source. God, Allah, Source, Spirit, Creator…and all the other names given to whatever this is that creates all is the same for all of us. I do not try to understand the mystery of it all, only know that it is a loving Force in my life that guides me when I am willing to listen and follow. If the word “god” bothers you, call it what you wish. I know you are aware of it or you would not keep coming back here. Read the poems, let them speak to you for I am but a scribe struggling as you do. Yet, I do have a serenity now that I never had as a young person and it is based on a knowing I have that I am part of a wonderful Divine Matrix. Other than that, I go play in the sandbox when the discussions get beyond my understanding. I am in the sandbox more and more these days. big hug, pat

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      • i see you have forgotten how to play..

        But cannot creation create it self! Why does need a design matrix to create for us! Why creation itself just evolve on it’s own..

        i’m not knocking your faith Pat, just looking for answers where sometimes there is none?


  2. Life comes from life. See Dr. Louis Pasteur on Law of Biogenesis. Thanks for the picture of the beautiful baby. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has as one of his platform planks the support of abortion on demand.


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