Beyond the Beyond

There is a suspension of time and space. A swell of energy arises in me that is so forceful that no words can describe it. Swirls of color composed of meticulous geometric designs wash over, around and in me, exploding into radiant golden light. A primordial power of love encompasses me. All concepts of life previously held seem absurd.

There is an endless outflow of creation which cycles back in and then out again. I can not die; I can not go away. I can neither add or subtract. There are no empty spaces. I am and I am not. I feel a sense of pure beingness, oneness, ecstasy, a great sense of stillness, of knowing there are no divisions. I am aware of being joined with the supremely powerful, wise, and loving Presence whom I call, “Creator.”

Now a rush of movement so rapid that I seem to be standing still. When we have gone to the furthermost point…beyond the beyond, I see clearly all that we have left behind. Finally I understand that Creator fashioned an illusion of unimaginable proportion for all life forms to experience limitless possibilities. I also understand that the energy that creates and sustains all is pure love energy called “Creator.”

We come from Creator, enter this world in various realities and dimensions, adding again and again our experiences to that of the Creator. Throughout this timeless period, we grow and develop certain aspects while our core remains the pure love energy of Creator. I was not shown how the story ends with all its particulars, but I emerged whole, with a serenity that can never be shaken, nor taken.

Duality exists to give us opportunity to choose, each choice a lesson. Judging the progress of others or even ourselves is pointless, for nothing is “good” or “bad” but rather it “is.”

Each can have many opportunities to experience Creator, some seem mystical, some rather ordinary. No one needs gurus, courses, workshops, CDs, attunements, or any other being to connect us to the Divine. We are of the Divine and all we need to know is available to us now; we need only go within with loving intention. And so it is. Amen.


  1. “Beyond The Beyond” is a statement that also used in the 1962 movie, “Al Di La.” During a nice evening at a local gathering place, As the song, Al Di La was being sung, Suzanne Pleshette asked Troy Donahue what Al Di La means. Troy said, “it’s hard to explain, it’s far far away, beyond the beyond, that’s how much he loves her in the song..It was a wonderful movie. I wrote blog posts on “Al Di La,” and “Love, Let’s Talk About It.” You might want to check them out. I wish you well.

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      • “Landing” here is being a joy for me. I’m so very grateful for this experience and this unique opportunity to meet another ONE of myself. Your Truths are my Truths; even y*our booklists share a deep imprint on our harmonic scale.

        When I was awakened in 1972, I was gradually lifted from our Mother Earth’s perspective, to that of a helicopter, to that of an airplane, to that of a spaceship ~ and eventually to beyond the beyond. After the completion of my 44th year, now being in the 45th, I’m finally being flowed to write and share. “The book” is called, “MOONWALKING AROUND THE SUN : My Story of Waking Up as a Spirit Wearing a Bodysuit” (All rights reserved, 2017).

        I am grateful to be united with my*OUR Family of ONE.

        Nikanisitook~Mitakyue Oyasin~UBUNTU~In Lak’ech~ALOHA~ Munay-Ki~NAMASTE

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    • Thank you for your kind words. What is important to me is to know that if an astronaut were to be launched into outer space, with all of the energy that would be needed to travel forever and ever, “beyond the beyond,” that there would be no end to that travel. The astronaut would always be in the Presence of God, with that state of being never ending. The discussion in Al Di La was very much evangelistic, very much a message of the Presence of God. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. I offer this thought to you in the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

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      • Thank you for your like of my comment on “Beyond The Beyond,” which was part of a post that I wrote about the movie, “Rome Adventure,” and its them song, “Al Di La.” I encourage others to go to my blog and read the post, and listen to the music. If you search for the movie of song title, you will be taken to the post, maybe posts; the movie and song stay within me.

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  2. Thank you. I have experienced this in synchronicity, meditation, yoga, dance, music and writing. Any transcendent experiences remove us from the narrowly personal. Inspirational piece. Much appreciated.

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      • I kind of get what you’re saying, and my own experience was life changing too. I’ve experienced a state where self is gone and there is only beingness, or my own true nature beyond concepts. I haven’t experienced a state like the one you speak, but all these experiences bring us into a very naked nondual state, and I guess just noticing that is important….for me anyway. I just try to be more relaxed in my mind nowadays, and just try to go with the flow a bit more. Things come along that irritate, but eventually they’re released. I guess what I’m saying is that I try not to get too stressed, but this is hard in our contemporary world…at least I can recognise it more! xxS

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  3. Ooh very deep and not sure I understand this quite yet but am fascinated to read more. Perhaps now is not the right time for me as I am facing several life changing issues and am a little all over the place but I WILL come back to you fantastic blog. So many nominations, you must feel very honoured indeed.

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  4. Your writing and thoughts are breathtaking! It is truly a validation of the perfection of timing that until I was ready to read, understand and feel your writing, I hadn’t found your site. Now I have :)! This student, albeit “kinda wobbly” sometimes, is so ready for the truths coming through your poetry and articles.

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    • Thank you for honoring Source of Inspiration with this nomination. If I have electricity and the Internet, I post every day. I try to post a piece every four hours if I am able to do so, although sometimes I must post less. It gives me great joy to do this for the poems also inspire and teach me. big hugs, pat

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