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Rituals of Love

Maple syrup smothering blueberry pancakes doesn’t get better than that. How many good memories we have that are connected to food special times shared with loved ones laughter, stories told, favorite foods join family and friends in rituals of love.

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Maybe what you say when you can’t say “no” learning to say “no” is a difficult lesson

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Your Love

Your love transformed me into rainbows of light love and wonder

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The Lie

It is a lie to think that you aren’t good enough! Woe to him who feeds this idea…not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worthy enough–all lies. You are from the Creator, perfect just as you are. Within you lies … Continue reading

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World of Splendor

Flowers in God’s gardens Fields of blossoms and butterflies Dewdrops on silver webs My heart overflows with joy At our world filled with splendor

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Ordinary Moments

A forgotten toy, reminder of visitors who wiled away an afternoon of laughter and lemonade. Sometimes the tiniest memory sweetens the day, reminding us to treasure these pearls of life for it is in these ordinary moments that life is … Continue reading

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It’s not that I forgot Rather, my brain automatically Deletes useless information

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