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The Trip

The trip seemed to take forever many stops, many go’s adventures, boredom, too, trials, tribulations, yet also wonderous times of joy. Now the journey is alomst over in retrospect; a blink of time soon gone and forgotten. The next traveler … Continue reading

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You promised I believed you you lied now the trust is broken can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again Trust is sacred almost impossible to redeem handle with care or lose forever.

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The Cactus

Think I’ll become a cactus arms held up in permanent supplication. All prickly on the outside yet moist and sweet inside. When I blossom, ’tis glorious to see. I am quite magnificent but don’t get too close to me.

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No Permission Needed

Permission is unnecessary for each must decide. Bow to no one and allow no one to bow to you. Let us be our own unique being respected and respectful equal more than equal One

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Interlocking Patterns

Life seems like interlinking patterns; things which seem to have no connection eventually reveal their ties. Life is much more than it seems full of mystery layers of meanings circumstances interconnected through life in the most intriguing ways.

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Fewer Absolutes

My mother said this was good manners. In another country they say it is rude. I thought culture values were part of the system of truth, Perhaps they are for truth seems more flexible as I age. Sometimes it is … Continue reading

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The Museum

I went to a museum there sat my grandmother’s wash basin and aunt’s tea towel. Pa’s plough was there, too and the jacks I had as a child. My whole life was labeled as antique. How can they do that … Continue reading

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