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Magic Hours

Shining eyes at night Floresta life is awake Fairies dance with joy

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Out of Prison

P ride gone astray R egrets piled in mountains I nability to say, “I’m sorry” S eldom reaching out to others O neness still not understood N ow is a lost idea T ime to make the change O pen … Continue reading

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His Future

new baby in my arms what will your future be a world of destroyed land and sea, or one where man has shifted into love for all eternity

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Apple Gratitude

Apples sweet crunchy and firm, a pause in my day to remember how something as simple as a bite into a fresh apple can offer a reason to be grateful for all our Creator gives.

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So Tiny

So tiny am I, how can You possibly know I am here, not even a dot on the vastness of life. Yet, You know the number of hairs on my head, each tear that I shed, so great is Your … Continue reading

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Beating Me Up

Oh, how hard I am on myself, so quick to judge, so unworthy in my eyes. Why do I love others more than myself, seldom seeing the beauty of my Divine soul formed by the Creator in perfect love?

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Quiet of the Floresta

I walk in the silence of the floresta, the quiet broken only by the trill of a bird, a rustle of grass as something slithers through. I am at peace, grateful for this time of my life where I am … Continue reading

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