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Honor transitions for a transition is a place to explore acknowledge anticipate what’s to come and never ignore deny or stifle

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Tunnel Vision

Tunnel of vision becoming more narrow every day allowing me to focus on what is most important extraneous no longer needed the light within reveals the essential

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Merry Chase

Perfume, enchanting, luring subtle signal beckons he follows her with longing she leads him on a merry chase further into her trap all the while he thinks he’s catching her. Are we the hunter or the hunter? Beware.

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The Fountain

Pen pouring poems ink never ends words flowing forth fountain pen from Source

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Nomad’s home is everywhere or nowhere depending on your point of view ceiling of stars life of discovery he roams, free to find yet like those home-bound he carries his destination within while searching across miles of emptiness

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Punishment does not change the act seldom deters the one determined which leaves the question is punishment really revenge? Perhaps there is a better way.

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Winds of Time

Arbitrary gift Beauty is like shifting sand Winds of time soon change

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