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When to Walk Away

When to speak out and when to be quiet and watchful this is one of the big questions When our intercession is rejected should we prayfully step back or “shake the dust from our feet? At what point do we … Continue reading

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Dew Drops

Oh, to be a drop of dew simple beauty in the rising sun tiny sparkle soon gone but its moment of glory added to the sweetest of God’s promise for the new day

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Falling Heroes

Beware of pedestals our heroes soon fall. When we idolize someone or something, it is inevitable that soon they will be unable to live up to our expectations toppling our dreams to the harm of all involved. Rather put your … Continue reading

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Unappreciated Gift

My body has been ignored abandoned and abused, a wondrous gift God gave me to house my timeless soul. I’ve been taught to be ashamed of this marvel…its too this or that. But finally I understand how truly amazing it … Continue reading

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Every Day Pledge

Today I will not argue, no need to change another’s opinion. Today anger will dissolve to patience, I will not give away my serenity. Today I will not judge, we’re doing the best we can right now. Today I will … Continue reading

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Universe Expanding

Universes expanding into universes What if there’s no end to the story Creator creating into infinity like water, energy never lost only changing forms in cycles of infinity that which is you connected to me within Source matrix again and again … Continue reading

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W isdom, intelligence, these giants have H earts as big as their bodies A lways man hunts and kills L osing a treasure each time E ach whale and its kind a messenger S ending out pure love energy to … Continue reading

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