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Offering Plate

Pass the offering plate little envelopes of tithe, there…duty done. I smile in self-satisfaction. But did I tithe all of me giving from all God has given me helping those in need laughter to those who cry? Did I tithe … Continue reading

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Plastic Brooms

Don’t give me a plastic broom; I only want one of grass dried in the sun. Seems like plastic has replaced real things including smiles frozen on faces that have forgotten how to love.

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Certain Irony

Old ladies with rolled stockings paper fans on a stick pushing hot air on faces in prayer No electric fans or air conditioning did our church have only paper fans with funeral home ads moving back and forth mixing death … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Garden

Jars of tomatoes, pickles and okra jellies and jam stored for a winter day. Housewives shared recipes and garden gifts across picket fences. Food without chemicals from soil rich and fertile has given way to supermarkets full of false food … Continue reading

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Alone No More

Everyone feels disconnected alone and afraid acted out in anger and feigned indifference when what we want is a hug kind word a moment when we know with certainty that we will never be alone again. ******** Photo by Uzma … Continue reading

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Loving Others

Can we love others unlike our own? Generosity of the heart knows no boundaries.

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My pile is bigger than yours bigger house, car, bank account therefore I must be more important. Kings bow before me people turn in fear dogs roll over children cry Yet I stand behind a curtain roaring orders to all … Continue reading

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