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Money Advice

Money gaining and losing value why do we worship such a fickle commodity easily manipulated by greed and corruption all the while ignoring the advice of our forefathers: In God We Trust

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The Smallest

A breath one moment flicker of a star stab of joy or pain not even a dot in the universe yet I exist I am as are you even the tiniest piece of the Divine is enormous

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Racism cancerous fed by hate and fear unable to see our oneness for surely God made us all perfection made from love

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All Is Well

Why do I fret when I know all is well when I know You are ever at my side whispering all is well even in the darkest times? All is well say it again and again that I never forget … Continue reading

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My Very Best

I promise I will do the very best I can. I know this is all You ever ask of me to do the very best I can With You by my side with Your grace to guide me I will … Continue reading

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Elusive Sleep

Sleep eludes hides in covers tossed and turned mind full of chatter time stuck in we morning hours. Bed no longer a place to rest I rise to start my day listening to the crowing cock who also starts his … Continue reading

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Dog Trainer

My dog has trained me He lets me think I trained him Next life, I’m a dog

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