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Lady Luck

Step on a crack break your mother’s back no open umbrellas inside spilled salt over the shoulder no black cats passing in front bad luck chants every culture has Four leaf clover luck horse shoe wish upon a star penny … Continue reading

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Stand My Ground

I want to stand my ground firm in my faith sure of Your love even when the cock crows. I know You will always be by my side watching in front guarding my back. I want to be strong always … Continue reading

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God Loves Me

I’m not ashamed to tell the world how much You love me I sing Your praise every day. If you walked up to someone and said, “God loves me,” chances are they’d feel embarrassed and walk away. They’d think you’re … Continue reading

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So Deep

How deeply we go into our spirits as we merge into the Light of Love. Let me lose myself in You, put away all that does not endure for I want only to become who I have always been throughout … Continue reading

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Money Advice

Money gaining and losing value why do we worship such a fickle commodity easily manipulated by greed and corruption all the while ignoring the advice of our forefathers: In God We Trust

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The Smallest

A breath one moment flicker of a star stab of joy or pain not even a dot in the universe yet I exist I am as are you even the tiniest piece of the Divine is enormous

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Racism cancerous fed by hate and fear unable to see our oneness for surely God made us all perfection made from love

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