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The Rooster

When will you be ready finally had enough no longer want to play the game a rooster in a herd of sheep trying to say “Baa–a–a–a-a” when what you really want to say is “cock-a-doodle-do!”

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How We See

Rain, mud, mosquitoes sun, heat relentless heat Rain, cooling, nourishing sun, everything comes alive Life appears always through our perspective. We can choose how we want to see.

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Reading Your Mind

If I read your mind would I find dark secrets there or only love and compassion? If I could see into your heart would I find mercy forgiveness, faith? What if we all suddenly became transparent would you be filled … Continue reading

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A Terrible Thing

He did this to me a terrible thing I can’t forgive. How often this story is repeated. The victim remains a victim her life locked in the past tainting what she has today wasting her life in anger never learning … Continue reading

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Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord let it echo across the land love your brothers and sisters reach out a helping hand. Stop complaining about what’s wrong work toward making things right make where you live a space of love and watch it … Continue reading

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How You Think

What would we find if we could read your mind? Soap opera sin gossip in the wind or compassion for all? You know it’s your call. Choose your thoughts carefully when they are dark focus on the Light. Do not … Continue reading

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Adventure Junkies

Adventure seekers adrenaline junkies death defying feats pushing to the limit some do it with sports others by creating life dramas crisis magnified by our response. We cram our lives too full terrified to spend time in silence no TV, … Continue reading

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