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No Envy

Love does not envy It shows us there is no need for competition Life is not a contest for who is the richest smartest, most beautiful Love without envy always being grateful for all you have

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Love Is Generous

Love is generous. Be generous in all you do. Give with a loving heart for to do less negates the deed.

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Afraid to Love

Do not be reluctant to love for fear of being hurt because to live a life without love is the greatest hurt of all

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Love Is Kind

Love is kind Kindness is seldom acknowledged recognized for its value yet making others happy by our acts of kindness is well within our power Happiness can not grow in captivity It is not diminished when given away It is … Continue reading

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Love Is Patient

Love is patient it does not expect perfection in one’s self or another Love waits calmly giving others time and room to grow to stumble, fall and try again Love is patient because love understands what love is Be love

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You are not fragile nor am I for we are eternal regardless of how many times we trade the bodies we wear like yesterday’s fashions. I will not weep or wail letting sorrows pass like morning fog for I am … Continue reading

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Today I’ve had enough no more do I want or need. I’ve stopped pursuing chasing, wanting finally understanding one can not hold dreams in the hand.

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