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No Permission Needed

Permission is unnecessary for each must decide. Bow to no one and allow no one to bow to you. Let us be our own unique being respected and respectful equal more than equal One

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Interlocking Patterns

Life seems like interlinking patterns; things which seem to have no connection eventually reveal their ties. Life is much more than it seems full of mystery layers of meanings circumstances interconnected through life in the most intriguing ways.

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The Museum

I went to a museum there sat my grandmother’s wash basin and aunt’s tea towel. Pa’s plough was there, too and the jacks I had as a child. My whole life was labeled as antique. How can they do that … Continue reading

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Fickle Love

How great is my love. I will love your forever or until someone else comes along.

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How Many Flowers

How many flowers shall I lay at your feet? A mountain of roses would not be enough. If I lit a candle for how long I will love you the light would dim the sun. A gentle breeze can not … Continue reading

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I Give Up!

I’m giving up my crusade to change you, accepting you just as you are. There are experiences you must yet have to know the wisdom of a better way. I will love you enough to let you be you while … Continue reading

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Love Bargin

I love you makes me feel trapped by your need. The price is too high for your love comes with demands. Do I do the same use love as a commodity in exchange for what I want? I give you … Continue reading

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