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Gift of Guilt

Follow your guilt for it is your soul talking to you making you feel uncomfortable showing you what needs attention. Love yourself more than your need to please others. Let go of needing acceptance release the need to fix, save … Continue reading

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An Authentic Life

Are you living an authentic life? How often we fail to choose the life of our dreams acquiescing to social or family pressures ignoring, not acting on our purpose, our mission our reason for being living a life someone else … Continue reading

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The Equalizer

Strong soft firm gentle loving clear boundaries balance in all based on love Love, the great equalizer

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The Concert

Trills of the flute backgrounded by the drums now come hundreds of sitars a violin–unlikely instrument joins in, showing how the web of music intersperses with the web of Light across the globe. Surely we can move into the pure … Continue reading

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Dare to Dream

What would I dare to dream if I knew I could not fail? I would not dream of riches power or fame. How would I create my world in a dream of forever? Adventure? No I’ve had my share. I’d … Continue reading

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Falling Heroes

Beware of pedestals our heroes soon fall. When we idolize someone or something, it is inevitable that soon they will be unable to live up to our expectations toppling our dreams to the harm of all involved. Rather put your … Continue reading

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Dew Drops

Oh, to be a drop of dew simple beauty in the rising sun tiny sparkle soon gone but its moment of glory added to the sweetest of God’s promise for the new day

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