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Pinpoint of Light

We start with a pinpoint of light Each day the point opens more Expanding light fills our souls With light comes peace Healing the pain Only love Remains

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How Things Are

The way things are is not how they have to be. Do not accept the unacceptable. The change we long for must begin within each of us. Start today, envision how you want to live, then become the person in … Continue reading

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Honor your rituals that remind you of who you are and the role of our Creator in your life. Practice family rituals passed from generation to generation teaching, encouraging, loving rituals of harmony. Remembering leads to action. Let your rituals … Continue reading

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Today does not have to be our model for tomorrow. Each day give thought to how our world can be, from thought springs action. We can change a world full of corruption and pollution to a world of harmony, and … Continue reading

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Compassion Fatigue

The sheer volume of tragedies the media presents dulls our ability to feel compassion for all the dead, dying, suffering souls. Turn off the “news.” Instead offer quiet daily prayer for all who are in need of God’s help.

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Joy Everywhere laughter Bubbling, non-ending, appreciating Takes an open heart to see it Gratitude!

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River of Thoughts

Just how powerful are our thoughts? Assume for a moment that every thought you have becomes a reality. If you knew this to be absolutely certain, can you see how negative, unloving, self-centered thinking can create the disharmony in your … Continue reading

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