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Rally For…

Anti-war demonstrations miss the mark; pro-peace rallies hit the bull’s eye. Let’s be for what we believe rather than against what we feel is wrong.

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So Very Alone

no compassion no kindness no trust he does not see himself in others believing only in the rigid thinking which excludes separates leaving vulnerable and so very alone

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Faith and Hope

Where does one find hope? I lost mine long ago along with faith; out the window it flew leaving me empty and lost. Hope moves us forward faith empowers hope cynicism kills both May I return to the innocence of … Continue reading

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You Came

You came into the room where I was waiting for death to claim my friend her ragged, pain-filled breaths seeping into every pore of my body. You came into the room filled it with the power of Your love overflowing … Continue reading

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Seed of Darkness

There is seed of darkness in us all charcoal of the soul absorbing negative energy leaving our hearts smelling clean filled with light and love.

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Path of Simplicity

Keep it simple the path best traveled with minimum effort. Intention is the key to all thoughts and actions one moment at a time no grand objectives just learn how to love just this…so simple.

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Risk Taking

Let’s celebrate risk taking Make it a special holiday Remember all who came before Who had the courage to step forward Let’s add our name to the Hall of Fame We who are willing to take a chance Opening the … Continue reading

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