The Gift

jogger with earphones

Joggers run with music
blaring in their ears
minds focused on its
numbing sound
flowers go unseen
birds sing silent songs
the beauty of the floresta
lost to those who do not see

There a many ways
we shut out life
as we run try to avoid
the complexity of
a world that is
too often hard and cruel.
Yet we pay a dear price
for, in avoiding difficult
times, we also lose
the precious things that
give life its richness,
beauty and purpose.

We have within
much more strength
than we know, kindled
by the Force of our Creator.
We can call forth this
power to help us when
life is hard, to teach us
guide and protect us,
a precious gift
if we choose to receive.

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Cap and Bell

Cap and bell
old man slowly removes the first
as he hears the church bell
ring evening prayer
he sips from his bag
replaces his caps
and dreams of a better day

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My Song

Thank-you is my song
verse and chorus
I sing harmonies
of gratitude and love
let me sing praise
become One with Him
for He is who I love
forever more

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Old Tricks


Blending self
with external sensations
mists leaving dew drops on cheeks
breezes tip-towing through tendrils
all to gain a small measure
into the origin of the unseen

sense, feel
pay attention
your inner guidance
leads you
if you allow

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Live, Not Exist


I am trying so hard
to live, not just exist
a pattern in the sand
quickly washed away
by evening tide

Surely, life
is too precious
to waste
the sea
carries it

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On Guard


There is a darkness
where light bursts
forth and does not
illuminate, but rather
turns dark all that
it touches. Beware of
this “not-light” for
it seeks to comsume
our very souls; this
absence of light will
suck dry all illumination
for it feeds on the
energy of others.

Hold fast to who you are.
Let no spiritual vampire
near. Fill and surround
yourself with the Light
of Love . Be One with All
for ultimately, this world
is full of illusion for there is
none else besides our Creator.

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Core of My Being


I reach deep within
for the force and this
time fasten onto the
core of my being.
Slowly, I bring
the energy up, up, up,
connecting to stars,
universal light webs,
all that is good,
Divine Matrix of Love.
And so it is, amen.

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