Just Wondering


I never saw
an old dentist.
Do they die young
or are they killed
by suffering patients?

I’ve often wondered
why anyone would
want to be a dentist

If you think
this is a poem
I wonder about
you, too

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Ocean of God

We are so busy being spiritual
that we cannot hear God’s call.
We write soul-stretching poetry
sing angel songs, paint beauty
without even knowing what beauty is.

We flirt with salvation
but do not know why we
need to be saved.
Surrender is a word
full of mystery.

The Sufi twirl, spinning their
souls in spirals of seeking
the harpist plucks silken stings
in darken caves sit those
whose meditations show
them only illusion.

We tiptoe on the edge
of the ocean Divine
afraid to plunge
into its depth
wetting only our toes instead.

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sweet baby

Cut off my legs
I’ll walk on my hands
take away my hearing
I’ll listen to the silence
banish my sight
I will see when my soul

That which I am
needs nothing from
this world of temporary
for I am a child
of eternity

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No Forgiveness


I will not forgive
regardless of what you’ve done
or why
you need not ask
for my forgiveness
for I did not judge
you in the first place

Judgement comes
from a lack of
compassion, love
patience, wisdom

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A Simple Soul

How can I comprehend
what is beyond my perception
ideas like eternity
the wonder of crop circles
unconditional love

Miracles, magic, maybe
awe, wonder
I am simple soul
limited in matters
of this world
yet this simple soul
is far more than
this reality

More than thoughts
dreams, desire, hope
greater than time
wider than forever
yes, even past
the Great Beyond

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Strengthen Your Soul


Beware of the comforter
and the harsh instructor
both can create illusions
leaving you unsure
of the strength
of your soul.

Trust only your inner truth
you know its clarity
it’s purity cannot be

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Happy Family

family singing

One big happy family
oxymoron supreme
show me just one
and I’ll show you
the ultimate illusion

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