Changes in Nature

frogs and butterflies

The tadpole changes
Now becomes a butterfly
GMO at work

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doe drining

Fresh tracks in the mud
Silent eyes watch while drinking
Doe leaps, disappears

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How Can We


How can we say
we love God
and do not love
each other
is not God in
all He created?

How can we say
we forgive and
still harbor resentment?
True forgiveness is love based.

He who judges not
has no need to forgive.
Do not cast the first stone.

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Trials and Treasures

angel oak

Life is full of trials
filled with treasures, too.
Often they are the same.

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You, the King

king's feast

There is a king in you
yes, you wear a crown.
You’re from Glory
here to spread joy
all around.

You are perfection
a royal soul
from the kingdom of our Lord
deserving respect, love, honor
from others
and yourself, too.

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Dinner’s Ready


Set the table
call everyone
everything is ready
come to the party
let’s celebrate
our Lord is with us
never leaves us
no more fear

Come to the party
everyone is welcome
we’ve set a place for you

Never, never
are we alone
Our Lord is always near
ready to help and comfort.
Let’s celebrate
be happy, enjoy your life
party starts here
now and forever more.

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Drop of Honey

drop of honey

Drop of honey
filled with nectar
from flowers fair.
One taste and I become
overflowing with Light
from the Sun.

May my love for You
be as pure as
a drop of dew
untainted by this
world of woe
worthy of Your majesty.

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