Faded Promises


Speak sweet words
sigh with delight
dance in the moonlight
make love on a summer night.

Arms entwined
hearts aflame
lovers make promises
that last only to the morn
when they leave their bed of forever
forgetting whispered words
and promises that soon fade away.

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Bird Feeder


Bird feeder delight
Filling the yard with music
Harmony with life

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Our Women


My sisters are denied
their basic human rights.
Enslaved, abused, they
cry out in cultures that
refused to hear their tears.

We can not hope for the
salvation of mankind
as long as women are
denied the rights that
men claim for their own.

This is a worldwide issue.
Yes, even in “free” countries.
There can be no spiritual
awakening of mankind
as long as we allow abuse
of women (and children).
The world must have
a balance of both
masculine and feminine energy
which can only be attained by love.

We fool ourselves if we
speak pretty words
then turn away from those in need.

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Empty Houses

homeless woman with dogs

There as so many
empty houses
while thousands are homeless
living in abject poverty
so much land
owned by so few
excess food
while children die of starvation

We can not speak of equality
justice or love
while thousands need basics
and the rest of us
sip coffee, read poetry
and live our lives of privilege.

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Old Times


Tinkling bell announces
arrivals as they enter
the shop on a wintery day.
Snow makes puddles around
their boots as they sip
hot chocolate, play checkers
and tell tall tales.

Potbelly stove, old men
with long hair everywhere
but on their heads
gather to recall past times
in laughter, a tradition
that seems to have slipped away.

Now old men sit
in lonely corridors,
nursing homse replacing
general stores as
caretakers of the old.

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The Trip

journey back home

The trip seemed to take forever

many stops, many go’s

adventures, boredom, too,

trials, tribulations,

yet also wonderous times of joy.

Now the journey is alomst over

in retrospect; a blink of time

soon gone and forgotten.

The next traveler arrives

while I say my goodbyes

grateful for the experience

but glad to go home.

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You promised
I believed you
you lied
now the trust is broken
can’t put Humpty Dumpty
back together again

Trust is sacred
almost impossible
to redeem
handle with care
or lose forever.

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