A Boo-Boo

sore finger

Tip of my finger is sore.
I walk around with it extended
trying not to bump it
showing it to all I meet.
This tiny boo-boo
rules my day.
I think and speak
of nothing else
until my world is reduced
to the tip of my finger.

Rainbows and
summer days disappear
they must wait
for the tip of my finger
is sore, you see.

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Little Things

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!
It’s not the mighty beasts
of the jungle that we
need to worry about but
rather the fleas, ticks, spiders
that can bring us down.

Little bite here, another there
buzzing in the ear
crawly thing you can’t find
under your clothes. One by one
they drive us to distraction.

World wars, famine, end of times
will have to wait
because relentless mosquitoes
are keeping me awake.

You laugh, but it is often
little things that wear us down
make us give up
steal the light from
our eyes.

Pay attention to the every day
petty faults and problems.
Stop them before they get worse.
Take care of your health
your immediate world
family and friends
for it is here that
our problems begin.

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Ah, Nuts!


Tough nut to crack
sweet meat inside
life seems like this
so hard on the outside
that few look inside
thus never savor
the goodness within

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Bad Habits

flowered glen

A bad habit
becomes a friend.
We hang on to it
not able to let it go.
Slowly it becomes
who we are.

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Be Content


Good is contentment
with just what one has
to see life’s abundance
in the drops of dew
stars to delight
and cool waters
on a summer day.

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Tell me I’m special
feed the need
for approval
another fix until
I crave again
willing to give up
my soul
piece by piece
“approval junkie”
to the end
where “I” disappear
and become totally
what you want
me to be.

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Himalayan Monal Pheasant Pakistan

R evel not in lust
E vil lurks close by
S peak only words of compassion
T ruth is revealed to those who seek
R estraint is a way of living
A nger burns serenity
I n all you do, practice restraint
N ever indulge in deeds that harm
T hink carefully before you bite the apple

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