One Expanding

When I write one poem,
it becomes as many poems
as the number of people
reading it. Each created
act is multiplied as each
person’s experience with it,
each a beautiful facet
of the diamond.

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The Other Me


Sometimes I’m lazy,
but that’s the other me.
I put off doing some small
thing until it grows into a
problem. Of course, that’s the
other me. Then I feel sorry for
myself, perch upon my pitty-pot
and whine, but we know that’s the
other me, too. The yin and yang
of twins living in the same body
wondering, at times, which one
is really me.

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Animals Do It

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If animals of different
species can be friends,
why is it so hard for us
to embrace the idea of
oneness? Four legs, wings,
trunks, long necks, fur,
hair, hearts, fingers and toes,
love and compassion
joins all.

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No Can’ts


Yes! I think I can

Can’t stops possibilities

Mountains climbed with faith

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Reaching Out to Love

Did you miss a chance to love
today? To be patient, kind,
helpful? Did you offer a smile,
a willing ear, a hug?

Each person we meet gives us
an opportunity to grow in the Light.
Every time we ignore that gift,
we deny ourselves and the other
a moment of love…lost forever.

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Song of Tip Toe

tip toe, sweet song
fill me with delight
awaken the seed of light
I Am, I Am

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One Precious Life

Tiny nest with only one egg,
one precious life,
waiting to arrive
to fill the world
with songs of Source.


My muse is a dear friend, Ceila who took this photo in my yard. Ceila constantly reminds me with her presence that there are many loving people who walk this earth.



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