Each Day


Sharing, charity, acts
of unselfishness move
us toward unity. How can
I help others instead of
only thinking of myself?
Volunteer work, random
acts of kindness, activism.
What did I do today to help
the world be a better place?

Each of us must ask this
question, for until we are
all helping each other in
whatever ways we can, there
is imbalance. A world with
only “takers” soon is empty.
Take my hand, we will reach
out to others until we are
all connected through the
love that comes from giving
from the heart.

1 Timothy 6:17-19

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Lighter Loads

closet cleaning

Empty cupboards
of all
you seldom

Give to
in need.

your load

2Corinthians 9:6-8

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Give or Take?

beggar and dogs

Is love

1Corinthians 13:4-5

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Turbulent Waters

turbulent waters2

Most run up and down
the river bank
having not the courage
and faith to cross
to the farthest shore.
Seeing only turbulent waters
beneath the bridge
they dare not cross
even though their
salvation lies on
the other side.

Rejoice not in clinging
to that which
ultimately destroys
who you are and
what you are meant to be.

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Firm Tree


Just as a tree firmly rooted
is not shaken by the storm
even so the wise are not
affected by praise or blame.

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Bird in the Air


Like a bird in the air
my path can not be traced.
I leave no mark
formed by attachment
am free to go where
I am guided secure
in the knowing I am
where I am supposed to be.

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Clear Waters

pure water
Let my waters be clear
free of mud and silt
let all who thirst
drink their fill
of everlasting love.

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