Crazy Me?


People, poodles, possums
prancing in the rain
sometimes this world is crazy
or is it me who is insane?

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What Is Truth?


How smoothly you lie
using charm and smiles
pretty words of untruth
spinning tales of deception
until even you are unsure
of the veracity of your tale.

Is it impossible to always
tell the truth?
Is truth an illusion
a changing kaleidoscope
depending on one’s point of view?

T houghts are seeds
R eaping what we sow
U sing truth to deceive
T aking instead of giving
H ow can there be truth without love?

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I Want to Know


I want to know
every tiny detail
nothing is insignificant
circle within circle
square inside of square
layered life spinning
into eternity.

What if there is no
heaven or hell
just life repeating
again and again?

Am I here only this once?
Is each child a new spark
soon extinguished or
do we come back
death being only a transition?

Why are there more questions
than answers?
Yet truly there is only
one answer:
There is nothing besides Him.
We are our Creator’s
thoughts, His dreams
endlessly creating
forever evolving
into the Great Beyond.

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Rubik Cube


Who are you?
Who am I?
Is there a separate us
you over there
me over here?
Where do you stop
and I begin?

Rubik cube turning
cubes within cubes
colors spinning until aligned
making on grand square.

Separate yet never apart
until at last
we understand
the sweet mystery.

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Why, God?

baby angel
Why me
what did I do
to deserve this?
Can You not hear
my pleas, see my tears
feel my anguish?

Oh, God of infinite mercy
compassion, love so pure
if not relief, please grant
me the grace of surrender
the wisdom of faith
the trust of a child
the strength to endure.

May I always be in
the light of Your love
and may that love
shine through me
to those who have not
yet found serenity.

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I Promise

I promise

Never say, “I promise”
it’s best left unsaid
’tis better just to do it
deeds not words instead.

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Remind Me

topsy turvy1

Let everything remind me of You
gentle breezes, morning dew.
May my love for You turn
everything I see into glittering
rainbows, all that I hear
sweet melodies.

What I am immersed in Your love
there is no darkness or fear
love is all there is
whenever You are near.

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