What We Worship


Money gaining and losing value
why do we worship
such a fickle commodity
easily manipulated
by greed and corruption
all the while ignoring
the advice of our forefathers:
In God We Trust

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The Bath


Take a bath
soap, steam, shampoo
wash away the day’s grime
sweet baby fresh
I start anew.

Life can be as simple
as we wish.

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No More Princess

spoiled princess

No more princess
spoiled woman
I’ve been taken down
a notch or two
seen how the others live
been given a big lesson
in humility
struggling with it though
knowing others must be elevated
rather than me being lowered

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Morning Song

coffee at sunrise

Sky of gold, air crisp and cool
morning birds calling
another day unfolding.
I awake with wonder
delighted to have one more day
to listen to the angels sing
the morning song of love.

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What If?


What if I’m making it all up
no such thing as spirituality
miracles, Creator, eternity
just wishful thinking
to justify what I can not explain
to make me feel less afraid?

Did you ever ask this question?

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Penny Wish


Pennies in a row
wishes waiting
to be wished
dreams yet to be identified
sometimes knowing what we want
is the hardest part

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Don’t Kick the Cat

mopping floor

I pick a chore
any one will do
decide I don’t like it
kick the cat
d0 the hated job
wasn’t so bad
wonder why
I made it so hard

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