100 Names

The hundred names of God
none of which are sufficient
even together are not enough
nor should you count the stars
above, grains of sand
circles of time
nay, even then you will not
have named He who
creates all, is all
that ever is or will be.

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Absurdities of Life

I put my laughter in a box
don’t use it much any more
what has become of me?

Am I to become an
old withered prune
who can’t see the absurdities
of life any more?

I take my laughter
out of the box
shake it off
put it on again
deciding I’ll
laugh to the end
for really, life
is full of absurdity
we can either laugh
or cry at it all.

I have decided to
laugh at it all
hurrah, the joke’s on me.

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Fade Away

My body is slowly
leaving this world.
I hear less, see less
spend long hours
in quiet solitude.

I meditate, ponder
daydream, sleep
it all seems the
same to me.

Some people die very quickly
I seem to just fade away
leaving this world in
bits and pieces
until there is not even
enough to cast a shadow
becoming someone’s memory
for a very short time
’til even that is gone
and I am no more.

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World of Inequities

I live in a land of fat people
while others are starving worldwide.
Should we all feel guilty
refuse a second helping?
In truth, how can we help
this inequity in life?

We give money, volunteer
form food banks, protest
the corruption that
siphons off everything
of value leaving devastation
poverty, hunger desperation.

And in the end, nothing
changes and we’re left
with guilt and frustration
wondering about a god
and mankind who let
little children die of hunger
in a world of inequities.

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Great Mystery

Triangles, pyramids
mystical three
do numbers have meaning
or is it just our fantasy?

Our ever searching mind
filling now with
what was or could be.
Is this world just an illusion
or a never-ending fantasy?

Are we but thoughts of God
some Force we can not perceive
then find them hard to believe
and all the stories we create
all an illusion
or a great mystery?

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Pearl of Light

Dew drop filled with sun
Shining pearl filled with His Light
I see God in all

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Finally Back!

Well, it has been quite an adventure living the floresta of Brazil and returning to the United States after many years of not being here. I flew with Alegria (Ali, my dog), which offered many challenges just getting out of Brazil and into this country, especially as we did not fly on the same airlines! Since arriving, I have felt like Rip Van Winkle for the technology advancements are staggering. Thanks to Rebecca, my granddaughter, guru, I am learning slowly but surely to use these fang dangle gadgets so I can at least buy groceries…a much more complex process than before.

I will be working on my book “The Final Third” that are stories about my many adventures these years in Brazil and my re-entry to the US culture. I will post sections on it on my blog by the same name and will let you know here so you can take a peak if you wish.

Although I will not have time to post my six poems a day probably, I will post daily as many as I can. I have been writing daily all this time in transit so have a backlog of them. It will be interesting to see if these Source poems change now that my world has changed so dramatically.

I want to thank each of you for being so wonderfully faithful here all these years. I look forward to seeing you and your comments here as we move forward. Big hugs to you all, pat

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