If I could be completely silent
perhaps this heart of mine could heal
but alas, I am a poet
words bleed from every pore.

Sonnets, rhythms, complete
verses of nonsense
without pause.
The longing in my soul
fertilizes my pen
making silence impossible.

Why do I suffer so?
I expect it’s because
I think my love is not

I stay hungry
in the middle of a feast
too blind to see
what’s in front of me.
I long for what
I’ve always had.

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Flame of Light

candle in the window
I am but a candle
burning down until
I am but a flame of light
then a spark
transmuted into
eternal love
of He who made all.

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Become the Sky


I am going to slide
out of the side of the cloud
and become the sky.

Filling universes upon universes
I make my escape
into the Great Beyond
where there is only
light and love
into which I merge
and become
One with All.

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Bon Voyage

I will be traveling next week and don’t know how often I will be able to post. I return next Thursday so bear with me if you doing find posts from me very often. Have a great week everyone. I am going to visit my sister whom I have not seen for more than 10 years and am so excited to be able to finally see her.  Yeah!

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Becoming Peace

Afraid? Pray happy prayers.
Prayer becomes a way of being.
Listening is also prayer.
Afraid? Pray happy prayers.
We are a spark of Divinity.
From our Creator, we came.
Afraid? Pray happy prayers.
Prayer becomes a way of being.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-16

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Beyond the End of Time

Merry is my heart
joyous is my soul
I sing with the birds
I am floating in gratitude
eagerly I surrender my all
for the Lord is sovereign
unrestrained in His mercy
loving without condition
boundless in compassion
He is paramount in my life

I am from the Creator
a spark for the Light
I return to the Source
and remain
beyond the end of time

Micha 7:18


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Never will You leave me
You vowed I’m Yours forever
I gave my heart, my all
promised to obey You
trusting Your love for me
yet still I cry at times
forget to ask for help

Oh, Lord forgive me
tell me once again
You’ll love me forevermore

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