Firm Support

I walk across the black void
of fear knowing it is all
illusion. I keep my eyes
on the light pulsing before
me, guiding me past the
gates of hell, for that
portal holds nothing for me.


Do not grasp at the false
supports for they melt away
leaving you to tumble into the
abyss of horror. There is but
One support which never deceives.

The void attracts the void. Have
nothing to do with it, but rather
walk the path of light, letting
love be your true support.
Be one with All That Is.

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Illusion of Equality


Equality in what reality?
Certainly not here on Earth.
If all things serve a purpose,
what do we learn from the
inequality we see all around us:
brilliant minds versus dullards,
glowing health and crippling
disease, fabulous wealth, abject
poverty. No there is no equality
in the material world.

Is there in the spiritual domain?
Some would argue “no” because of
the difference in spiritual awareness–
Mother Teresa versus Hitler. Yet,
if one is to believe that all
life is connected and made by the Creator,
then the spark of Light within must
be essentially the same. Or is it?

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Not Me, Not You


Guess what?
I am not in charge,
neither are you.
Thank-goodness for
those who can let
go so that God can
put things right again.

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Too Little, Too Much


My car is too little, too old
My television too small
Clothes that are not chic
hang in my closet.
Thieves leave a donation
when they see what I don’t have.

Yet I am a wealthy woman
rich in my contentment
peaceful in slumber
loved and loving
always eager to start my day.
How blessed am I
walking in the light of love.

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Ride the Wave


Good fortune
sometimes hides
within bad luck.
Who can understand
what Source sends,
what the final aim
can be?

Ride the wave of sadness
let it carry you to beyond
for highs follow lows
on the seas of life
tides move in and out
washing the shore
leaving shells and treasures
to be found
by all who seek to know
the glory of our Lord.

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Don’t Meddle


Do not meddle
in other people’s lives.
Let them have the experiences
they need to grow.
Do not “save” them from sorrow
for sometimes we must suffer
to be willing to change.

Forget your opinion
your advice
experience will be
their teacher.
Just love them
accept where they are
knowing their destination
is unity with all.

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Darkness Has No Power


The power of the Dark
can not exist where
the Force is present.
Keep the light of love
shining brightly
for it is your protection
lighting your path
where’er you go.

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