Light the Shadow

The world does not need
more anger, outrage
it is compassion that
saves the sufferer.

The change agent
is he who gives thanks
for even the small
and, in doing so
spreads peace in a world
lacking joy
bringing light to a world
full of shadows.

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Value of Dots

Do not disdain the small
all is made of miniature parts.
Nothing is insignificant
each dot in Monet’s lilies
adds to the beauty.

We are but dots on the canvas
yet part of God’s creation
thus valued in our contribution
a dot of blue
each color
has its beauty.

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Miracle Seed

Gratitude’s a seed
planted in the womb of life
growing miracles

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Joy comes from God’s grace
not from our greedy grasping
I’m surprised by joy

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I am invisible
people pass me
and do not see me.
The emptiness
has finally seeped
out of my pores
cloaking me with

I do not need to move
for I am already everywhere
yet perhaps I am nowhere
lost in the ordinariness
or existing in nothingness.

I dabble using words
to fill the spaces
that used to be me
though they remain
to people who pass me by
unaware of my proximity.

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A Place for Happiness

As a place for happiness
this world is sorely lacking
at times but if you let go
of this expectation
you will discover the true
purpose of being here.

Transformation university
we are students
everything we experience
moves us toward completion.

Practice is the task
without which learning
cannot take place.
Practice gratitude
compassion, patience
generosity, and of course

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Adam’s Name

I am searching
for my Adam name.
In naming me
and all the other creatures
Adam gave meaning to us
God’s plan slowly revealed.

Sometimes I think I know
the essence of God’s
plan for me within His cosmos.
This naming gives me value
identity, and on my wise days

Yet there are times when
I feel captured in the swirls
of universes
blurs of starlight
motes on moonbeams
spiraling into an
unnamed forever.

Adam, what did you
name me? I forgot again.

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