You Know Me

You know everything about me.
Can the right eye not know the left?
We come from the soul of our Creator.
You know everything about me.
Fences, boundaries, color, language are illusions.
Our core beings are one
Can the right eye not know the left?
You know everything about me.

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Discovering Hope

Hope makes the next step possible.
Without hope, we stand frozen in fear,
Not knowing where hope lies.

We search many places
Hope remains illusive, but we know
Hope makes the next step possible.

We try many remedies
Run to escape, but
Without hope, we stand frozen in fear.

Unless I look to my Creator,
I will spend my whole life searching,
Not knowing were hope lies.




Five Steps to Hope

Help others
Open to new possibilities
Purge doubt and fear
Enjoy each moment of life

Five Barriers to Hope

Obsessive thinking

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God’s Abundant Pardon

There is no end
to God’s pardon.
We would do well
to follow that lead,
forgive all who fail
to measure up
to our expectations.

Or better yet
let go of our demands!

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Rainforest News #37

Bounce the ball so high
Like Jack, it reaches the sky
Climb beanstallk of Love!


Legs walk slower now
Gives me more time for thinking
I discover life!



Ego grows too big
Gratitude scrambles it all
Good for omelette!


Quote for the Day

I should be suspicious
of what I want to know.


Wisdom of Children #6

If we eat animals, why don’t we eat people?

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Giving Up the Past

I give up my past
all sorrows and sins
are released and wiped clean.
I forgive all who have hurt me,
and ask for forgiveness as well.

Let the past stay in the past
don’t carry it on your back
like a sack of rotten meat.
Don’t analyze it, recycle it, or
cry, “Poor me!” any more.

You have the choice to
make your life different,
so start now, begin anew.
Stop blaming others
and get busy
for there is much work
left to do!

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Anything you
can fit into a nutshell
should stay there.
There are no quick solutions,
perfect gurus, simple lessons.
Interweaving webs
span universes without time.

There is only you:
you creating,
experiencing, evolving,
touching others,
created in oneness,
but always there
is just you.

Only you knows you.
Don´t ask for advice,
do not give it either.

Go within, go within.

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In nothingness
I discover everything.
It takes great courage
to step into that space without,
or perhaps it only takes
to not be a reflection
of anyone else.

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