Little Miracles

Watch for God working in your life
A co-incidence is God working behind the scenes
Little miracles pepper your days
Watch for God working in your life
God knows your every need
Trust him to guide and protect
Watch for God working in your life
A co-incidence is God working behind the scenes

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Not Your Friend

best friend

Be wary of he
who is always on your side
for he is the one
who keeps you down.
He forgives you
for anything
defends you
to yourself
understands your outrages
failings and faults
allows you to continue
your unacceptable ways
loyal forever
into the slime
of your own making

Beware of a friend
who does not love you
enough to tell you
the truth
to help you grow
in love and light

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My Friend, the Enemy

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My friend is the daughter
of an enemy. She is supposed
to be despised, too, yet she
is my friend.
It is easier to have
an enemy you do not know.

Her family prays differently
than we do, their house of worship
looks strange to us, yet
we share the same God
so I ask, “How can they be
our enemy?”

What is an enemy?
People whisper behind
their hands tales of war
inflamed by media unfamiliar
with truth, stories children
should not hear yet
some children live.

My friend and I do not
know how to be enemies.
We play and laugh
share treats and dolls
hug at the end of the day
as we go to homes that
are different, yet not really.

I think I won’t have
enemies when I grow up.
It’s too hard to hate
someone you love.

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Reality Mirrors Itself

What is my reality of the world?
Do I view people as untrustworthy
and self-centered? Is life hard,
too much work, not enough
money? Am I disappointed
with my life?

What does it mean
that we create our
own reality? Do we
cause disasters and death
with our pessimism
and discontentment?
What does it mean
“reality mirrors itself?”

Today, I woke up happy,
no, more than happy–grateful,
looking forward to
another day.
I now know how precious
life is, regardless of
how events unfold.
No matter what happens today,
when I go to bed tonight,
I will be happy–no more, than happy.
I will be grateful for this day,
will you?


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Wisdom’s Common Sense #2

Truth stands the test of time.


Words can never be taken back; the tongue is a might sword,
use with care, or better yet, remain silent.


Trust broken is slow to repair.


Choose your companions carefully.
Walk with the wise to become wise.


A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but harsh words stir up anger.


A bowl of soup with someone you love
is better than steak with someone you hate.

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B elief helps manifestation
E very step is easier with faith
L ove heals, love binds
I nvite God into your life
E ach day is an opportunity to serve
V ery few problems are real
E xpand your spiritual horizons

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Close to Thee

How I want to always
walk close to Thee
for by Your side I am
never afraid
I am free

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