Oh, that I could be

so transparent

that all you

see is

the Light



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Blink of an Eye


Man can not
perceive the value
of a single moment
in the totality
of the Universe
yet in the catch
of a breath lies
possibilities of
life-turning events.
Sometimes the world
rests in that
blink of an eye,
instantly come and gone
leaving nothing the same.

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Marking Time


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Welcome All


What task
is unworthy
when done
with love?

Welcome what
life brings
for all contains
the chance to grow.

To make life what
you wish by seeing
all as part of
Creator’s Plan
even man’s willful ways
can lead to the
Light for all
paths lead home.

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Breath of Air


Never fail
to appreciate
a cool breath of air
flutter of color
in butterfly wings
for in these tiny gifts
lies the secets
of life

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Only Today


Today creeps
out of departing
yesterday in search
of tomorrow, forgetting
to live in the now.

The irony is that
only today exists,
yesterday best left
in the past, tomorrow
but a soap bubble dream.

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Take It All


You can take all
that I have
except my faith
and that you
you can not steal.
I can
share it
with you
when you
are ready
to receive

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