Floating in the Wind


floating in the wind
I catch a ride
watch the fields below
dreaming of sweet times
long ago when I lay
in meadow fair
dreaming of the day
I could catch a ride
on a feather
floating in the wind.

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Thank You Today


Full moon, sunrise, sunset
starry skies, rainbows
fields of daisies
turtle lying in the sun

Thank You is my mantra
throughout the day
as I encounter yet another
of Mother Nature’s gifts
scattered along the way.

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Broken Dreams


Walking down an alley
littered with life’s debris
trash, empty bottles
one old man
long forgotten.

Where are those who used to love him
call him “friend, family?”
What happened to his hope and dreams?

Darling child with bouncy curls
now an old man with a shattered soul.
Does anyone care?
I do, but don’t know how
to put Humpty Dumpty
back together again
so murmur a prayer
and pass him by
knowing that I, too
have somehow failed.

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Just a Speck


a dot
so tiny
full of power
infinite possibility
when shared

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God, Allah, Creator, Source
the many names of God
to that which we don’t understand
yet feel at a soul level
a knowing that gives peace
when we finally surrender
understanding we are part
of a loving Force
who loves and guides us
One who needs no name
for He simply is.

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Promise Broken

monkey kisses
A kiss is a promise
though often filled with lies
sweet at the time
but soon forgotten
kiss but beware

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Only We

You are me
I am you
There is no them
Only we

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