Fire Out of Control


Crackle, pop! pop!

The fire gives little explosions

of sounds as it burns the

seasoned logs. I sit before

the fireplace, my mind mimicking

the fire as it jumps from one

thought to another, burning all

as it goes.

I sigh with weariness as I

notice how seldom my mind

is at rest.

The idea of minds communicating

directly without speach intrigues

me. If we had that kind of control

of our thoughts, what possibilities

would open! Yet, without compassion

and love, what a nightmare! Imagine

the chaos if we could constantly

hear the thoughts of others on top

of our own endless chatter!

I believe we are evolving to use

our minds in many new and exciting

ways. To assist this evolution,

we must discipline our minds to

harness and direct our thoughts

to positive, creative, compassionate

endeavors, putting aside inane

or negative thinking. A mind filled

with worry, resentment, judgement

is a fire out of control,

burning all it touches.


M ind’s energy harnessed is powerful

I nside of us lies our future

N ow we shift to higher uses of our minds

D evelop control of your thoughts

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The Bug


Me and the bug
have finally made peace.
I surrendered
my need to live bug free.

I notice there are fewer
bugs now…was my aversion
attracting them? Interesting
idea…that what we
dwell on, we attract.

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A Drop Of…


I am a drop of star dust
Flicker of light soon gone
Both insignificant and grand
I am a drop of star dust
My light combined with others
Illuminates the world
I am a drop of star dust
Flicker of light soon gone

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Yes, It Counts


Make a list of
all you do not like.
How long it grows
covering the whole
world. Like prayer
beads, we count them
every day.

Now make a list of
all that fill you
with gratitude. Which
list is longer? How
many beads do you
have here?

Write two things
for which you are
grateful for everything
on your first list. You may
not change a thing on
your list of what you
do not like, but you will
definitely change your focus.

Our perceptions of life
change our realities…
you can count on this!

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Only the Light

light in trees

I am the Light
For we are One
All that exists is part of the same
I am the Light
Vessel through which Light manifests
There is none besides Him
I am the Light
For we are One

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A Laughing Clown

clown smile

The clown is laughing
Big smile painted on
Inside he weeps silent tears
The clown is laughing
We never know another’s sorrow
Often judging with no compassion
The clown is laughing
Big smile painted on

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Crows the Rooster

rooster at dawn

The rooster crows
new beginning
I love his cry
which reminds me
of a new day
each a fresh start
a cock-a-doodle-do
of promise
and possibility

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