Half a Speck


I am a giant
Paul Bunyan of universes
yet that of which
I am a part
is so enormous that
I am a half a speck
yet exploding into
beyond the beyond

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We are losing 200
species a day
extinction explosion
of staggering proportion;
will man soon
follow in like manner?
Depopulation programs
abound, wake-up, gents,
our turn is near
if we do not stop this
purposeful destruction
of mankind.

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What is Inspiration?


Inspiration comes from hope
from faith, with love.
Fear inhibits, prevents, paralyzes.

Let go of fear
Call for the strength to prevail
Go forth in the armor of love
Light the Light of others
Join hands with all
who walk with the Lord!

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An Orderly Person


I do not do well in chaos
for by nature I am an
orderly person. Not for me
are the ongoing dramas
that so many create.
I have learned to pull
energy from the perfection
of the Universe rather than
using the uproar of conflict
and confusion, fear and pain.

We have a choice
to live in harmony
and tranquility or
to participate in the
madness all around us

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Down the Rabbit Hole

dark to light

Monsters in the shadows
never quite seen
making them even more scary
so we stay in the rabbit hole
too afraid to live life
what a waste

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S ometimes helpful but often not
H arms our deepest self
A ugments our own lack of self-confidence
M akes us lose faith and confidence
E ach act is an opportunity to grow

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Losing Energy


Low-energy thoughts pull us down;
surround yourself with what lifts you.
Do not cause others to falter
because of something that you fear.
We must work together to
stay in the Light.

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