A Tiny Mote

I lay down the heavy burden
of pride. Your approval or bad opinion
of me does not define who I am.

I sit not upon a pedestal
for only God should be adored.
My place is at His feet
in the dust of the dust.
He calls me “Beloved”
though I am but
a tiny mote, not inferior
for God made me
just no longer a slave
to the opinions of the world.

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Sin–what is sin?

S imply out of touch with God
I nvested in the material, not spiritual
N ot yet willing to surrender to God’s love

Sin–is it a choice?

S eeking in the wrong place
I ndulging in selfish pursuits
N ot grateful for God’s abundance

Sin–is it an antiquated idea?

S peaking without love
I nsincerity, truth not valued
N ot putting God’s will first

Sin starts with lies
to one’s self
putting our desires
ahead of all else

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Facing the Sadness

Fear and sadness
precursor change,
sadness at our failures,
fear that we must
make this journey of tears.

Courage is ours for the asking,
our Creator is generous and kind.
Wipe the slate clean
with the cloth of humility,
knowing peace
lasts for all time.

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Quiet Humility


Woe to those who practice
religious self-righteousness
and empty worship.
Do you not know that
God sees your heart

God cares nothing for buildings
of splendor while there are
so many hungry and in need.
Those who honor only themselves
know nothing of the sweet grace
of God who bestows to those
who honor only Him
in quiet humility.

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My Treasures


Though riches have I
I possess nothing.
Around me are beautiful
things to enjoy yet
I have let go of all.

“Mine,” no longer exists
not one possession do I have or need
My treasures are inward, eternal.

Let me not love things
of this world—possessions
family, friendships, even talents
more than I love Thee.
I surrender all and in doing so
gain that which I yearn for most.

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Richest of All

One-by-one I lost all
until I had nothing.
In that emptiness
I found Thee
making me the
richest of all.

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Simplicity, My Shield

10390968_766683700035240_2999620639644211838_nI throw away my wisdom
prudence, strip down to essentials.
I do not need to impress
or seek approval.
Guileless candor of childhood
simplicity are my shields.

In this world of nervous activity
which occupies our time but
never satisfies the longing
of my soul
I put all aside but this
focused need.
I surrender to the God
of my heart.

Naked is my intent
to know God
without any other
than He who is
Creator of all.

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