H eart to heart
U ntil you’ve hugged, your day has not begun
G ive your full attention to your hugs
G reet all with hugs…we all need them
I nitiatw the hug…some are shy
N o hugs is complete without love
G ive the gift of a hug and you receive one, too.

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An Honest Exchange


Echoes return
creating illusions
of conversation
when really all we hear
is ourselves.

Don’t tell me only
what you think
I want to hear
for I long for
an honest exchange.

I’ve stopped talking
to myself
a conversation
full of self-interest

Sit and talk with me
for we can not
exist indefinitely
without this exchange
yet let’s make
it worthwhile
not prattle full
of gossip
or self-aggrandizement
just an honest exchange

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words create
smells, tastes, memories
use them carefully
don’t scatter them about
as if they had no power

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Pied Piper Poem

One poem
one idea
captured in a tangle
of words
a posy bouquet
a maze to explore.
The poet plays
a Pied Piper tune
calling us to follow
if only we dare.

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One Cookie


I’m looking for a recipe
that bakes only one cookie
for I always find it hard
to stop with just one.

Some things I find easy
to resist, I eat only my share
but not chocolate chip cookies
warm from the oven
I always shout “more”

We seem to be creatures
of excess, always wanting more
bigger, better.
We bury ourselves
in an avalanche of desire
unable to satisfy that need
yet consumption
leaves us unsatisfied.

What is it that we need
that can’t be found
on shelves filled with more?


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Underground rivers
caves to explore
civilizations hidden
deep within the earth
explorer’s without sunlight
these tales fascinate
a bit scary are they
other worldly

Why does man long to explore?
What seeks he that he risks all
to see the other side?

Ironically, the world of interior
open to all willing to seek its treasures
is ignored by most
too personal, risky, full of “what-ifs”

If I look too close
inside of me
what monsters
will I find looking
back at me?

Take the risk, Dear One
go inside
there’s treasure there
if you take the ride.

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3 Wise Men

Where can I find
three wise men?
We seem to be
in a short supply.
In fat, the concept
of being wise
seems to have disappeared.

When was the last time
you thought of wisdom?
Intelligent, savvy
astute, sly, determined
we see all around us
yet still I’d like
to know someone
we all agree is wise.

W isdom shows good judgement
I s just to all
S ensitive to situations
E ach wise man follows his star

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