Suspended in My Reality


I hang suspended
within my reality,
observing the world
created by mirrors.
I exist only as a
thought of the Creator, who
observes His own fantasies.

There is none else besides
Him — not even me. I am a
character in a story…sometimes
the villain, sometimes the hero.
Beyond the beyond is the
serenity of the Creator.

Like a day dream, we exist
in the incredible mind of the
Creator who explores all
possibilities in His dream;
the pieces of the puzzle fit
together revealing a picture
of multiple illusions; an Escher
of life. I am but one piece of the
picture but needed for the
completion of the dream.

Once I grasp the idea of the
illusion, my task continues
until all others come to under-
stand the reality of God.

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Beggar Woman


She sits sprawled
on the sidewalk
eyes down, hand open
waiting for someone
to be reminded of their
mother, grandmother
whom they’ve abandoned
not even a phone call
for so many years.

I put money in her hand
stroke her cheek, say a prayer
knowing that there
but for the Grace of God…
it is I who sits on the sidewalk
waiting for someone to care.

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Source of Inspiration Books


There are now six volumes of inspirational poetry taken from this blog’s collection of more that 13,000. They are/will be available in both print and ebook formats. These books make wonderful gifts to yourself or others you love. All proceeds are donated to a family in crisis program.

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Peace Rose


Peace comes in petals
layering one at a time
fragile, fragrant
a rose built of love
one petal at a time

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Candle Light


light, shadows on the wall
creating beauty in old faces
he sees her as she was
so many years ago
young woman laughing
and finds her more beautiful today
as candle light illuminates
the map of their love on her face
candle—the light of love

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Blood of Life

shuts the door
of possibility

Faith removes shackles
loves gives courage
makes everything possible
Divine Love
the Blood of Life

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Easy Love


So easy
simple, really
though at times
it seems
so hard
to do

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