God’s Forever Promise


Inside the chrysalis
beneath the fallen tree
that’s mother to many now
tiny little places
I curl up and sleep
dreaming of a world
without make-believe food
cars that drive so fast
no one sees them shooting stars.

In this world
I find harmony
laughter and respect
and know I’ve come home
for this world is
God’s promise
love forever more.

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Inside, Outside — The Other Side

other side
Have you visited your other side yet? Here is a poem from Source of Inspiration’s sister blog, Web of Duality. On this blog, we explore our shadow side for, after all, we live in a world of duality. Be sure and visit the new blog. You will find more there that speaks of your darker side…read and ponder. I dare you. hugs, pat

Devil inside, devil out
back and forth they chat
exchanging torment ideas
best friends are they.

Oh, this part of me
that lives in the shadow
of my sins
must you whisper constantly
One more potato chip
stolen kiss
little white lie feed
with growth hormones.

My culpas are fairly
small these days
big sins take too much energy
but even these little ones
tarnish my good intentions.

The weapon of age is
You, my other side
stay silent, detached
but the sin of omission
is still a sin.

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Flying Free


I saw a man suspended
from a motorized parachute
floating across the sky
in a rainbow arch.
I envied him for a moment
for as a youth I longed to fly
but then I realized
that I’ve gained this freedom
for I’m no longer
tethered to the ground.

Flights of fancy
a mind that soars
into dimensions
previously unknown
I learned to fly
over the years into the
Great Beyond.

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Patchwork quilt-2
passed down
treasured now
how precious are the quilts
my grandmother made
from our childhood dresses
stitched with love.

What family heirlooms
will our children have
when we have passed away
antique, quaint cell phones
we were always using
when the children came to play?

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My Car and Me

old woman writing a book
Flat tire
broken water pump
each day another part
of my old car breaks down
“Get rid of that piece of junk”
they all say.

But I understand my
faithful old Fiat
for my body is doing the same
broken dentures
eyes not so good
speak a little louder, please
“Get rid of that piece of junk,”
you say?

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How to Start the Day

singing in shower
Hot shower gets me started
Fresh and sweet smelling each day
Morning shower songs

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Don’t Stop

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Never will I stop
status quo
is not for me.
Life offers much
to explore and enjoy
book, hobby, trip
walk in the floresta
brief chat as we
meet at the store.

Have a curious mind
pay attention to details
let “I wonder…”
be your mantra
be alive until you’re not
dance in your rocking chair.

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