Giving Back

Each of us must
give something
of what we are
back to the land.
Parasites destroy
the host.

Our Mother gives
and so must we.

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boat in snow

time is frozen
past and present
gathered as one
when we come
to who we
at this point
we have the power
to choose
who we will

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Happy Heart

girl with bird

Happy is my heart
Birds sing of flower’s beauty
Thank-you for today!

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Waiting to Choose

Heaven holds its breath
waiting for us to choose.
Lifetimes pass, still we
linger in indecision, afraid,
veiled, unable to see what
is right in front of us. We
hear the whispers of truth.
Awaken, brothers and sisters.
Heaven holds its breath
waiting for us to choose.

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Shall We Dance?

May I have this dance?
Look into my eyes as we
step lightly first to the
left, then to the right.
Turn, turn, turn, each of
us hearing the music of our
hearts joined in sweet refrain.
Match your breath to mine. Our
hearts beat with the music
of the divine. Our souls
merge with the rhythm of all life.

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Word Play # 5

Sacred Journey
dread **your
red ****our
dare ***nor
******* or

Sacred journey begins in the heart
A yen to know who we are prompts
Dread and fear are replaced with faith
Our journey joins us through eternity
Your truth merges with mine
Dare we to explore the unknown
Joy is our creed, love becomes who we are

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Snippets from Source #75

You long to soar into other realms and so you will.
Many souls are waiting for you to lead them to the Light.

The bigger your dream is, the larger mine will be for you.

Don’t forget to play along the way, though.

Hopscotch Source

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