Saucy bows
tied around a package of love
I’m tying bows on all I see
bows of joy

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Celestial Harps


Celestial Beings playing celestial harps
releasing love into the air
harps…instruments of angels
and people filled with light
plucks of pure joy

Artist: Hartmut Jager

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Perfect Gift


There is but one gift worthy
all else fades away in the light
of its beauty.
What is this treasure? you ask.
‘Tis love, only love endures
only love is worth giving.

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Sweet Serenity


Where does the sun go
when I’m sleeping?
I drift among the clouds
filled with angels.
You need not call me
for I am in the Beyond
no clatter here
only sweet serenity.

Won’t you join me?
Cotton candy banquets
ride the carousel
enter the world
of mystical realities
where there is only
sweet serenity.

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2015 Juni 351_1

I will be taking 40 days to rest and work towards healing my eyes. I will limit my reading and will post only once a day. There are thousands of poems in the archives here so this will be a good time for you to explore the wealth of Source wisdom there. Please keep me in your prayers and know that I will keep each of you in the Light and in my heart. Extra hugs to you all.

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No More Words

heart speaks

There are no more words in my mouth
my pen runs dry
only the silence of love remains
at last the heart can speak

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From Him


Any beauty you see in me
is but a reflection of the Light
any kindness flows through me
wisdom only an echo

It is my Creator
using this vessel of His creation
my willing heart opening
to let His Love and Light shine through.

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