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Random acts of kindness,
first we offer to our family.
Can we feed starving kids
in Africa while letting
someone we love go without?

Charity must begin with
intention stemming
from a loving heart.
Are we thoughtful,
generous, kind to each
with whom we interact?
Our thoughts, words,
actions must be charitable
at all times. We do not
need others to approve
our actions. Be silent,
discreet in your giving.

C are, open your heart
H elp yourself by helping others
A llow the person their dignity
R each out to those in need
I nvest in others
E ach day practice charity
T rue charity starts in the heart
Y are your brother’s keeper

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Understanding how another
is feeling opens the door.
Let their sorrow and joy
enter your heart as you
share their experience
offering your love
your understanding of
what they are experiencing.

E nter the joy and sorrow of another
M ove away from self-centeredness
P ut yourself in their shoes
A ttune to what they are experiencing
T ake the time to care
H elp with a loving heart
Y ou caring can make a difference

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1379279_644638122223381_780374365_n (3)

I enter the sacred space
with reverence
and learn that
all is a sacred space.

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Sometimes we just need
to push forward
to try one more time,
yet there are also
moments when it is
better to wait, for the
time is not now or
perhaps what we are
trying to do is not
right for us.

Balance in persistance
requires wisdom
mixed with intuitive
guidance to avoid a
virtue becoming
a downfall.

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A focal point, a ray of sun
light through a magnifying
glass burns a leaf. When we
learn how to focus our minds
with balance and control, we
are capable of great deeds.
The Force is available, but
we must be prepared to use
it well and wisely.

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Alone in the Dark


As I sit in the dark,
one thousand demons rise up
chanting promises they will
not keep. They know me well
and tempt all the areas of
weakness, both past and present.
Will I fall again or rise above
the clatter of chains with which
they wish to bind me?

I go within, deep into my inner-
most core, a spot where no darkness
can ever shadow. I touch this Light
of Love that guards me, letting its
power diffuse throughout my being.
A sigh of serenity, a nod of
acknowledgement and I am home.
Slowly the demons fade away
knowing that, for now, I am
beyond their reach.

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More on Sin


S omething we knowingly do
I gnoring that it is wrong
N ot paying heed to the warnings of our soul


I never liked the word “sin” as it has such guilt and fear associated with it. I do know, however, for the most part, we know when we are choosing to do something that is not good for us or someone else. We can try to ignore that whisper inside, but we know.

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