False Smiles


Smiles are tricky
sometimes hard to tell
if they are real
a lying smile full of betrayal
a weapon of Darkness


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Joyous Rain

Frog in the puddle
Children splashing in the rain
Both croaking their joy

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Rain Sleep

Cooling rain patters
Sweet breezes flow through windows
At last, I can sleep

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Staying Outside


Walking around the perimeter
looking through windows
to see what’s inside
the door is unlocked
but we are afraid
so remain outside
never entering the home
God has made for us

How many of us do this
stay outside of the haven
God has for us
afraid and unwilling
to open the door
while God waits patiently?

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Sadness in a Box


Putting this sadness
in a box
deep in a hole
in the ground
covering it with
layers of love
planting the tree of joy
then eating the fruit

Living a life of love and joy
takes work
don’t expect it to come free
but soon you will find peace
‘neath the boughs of this tree

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Next Life

Next life, a bird
free to fly and sing
through clouds of joy
sun-dappled forests
skies so blue
they take my breath away.

But then I realize
I need not wait
for the next life
to be free, to sing
songs of joyous freedom
for Thy love
has released me from bondage
on Your path of light.

I am free to sing
the songs of eternal peace
love, and joy forever more.

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Say “please” and “thank you”
our mothers said. Simple words
that keep kindness and gratitude
before us lest we forget to love
each other.

Pass no one without a smile,
wave or nod of acknowledgement.
Sometimes the smallest gesture
is a turning point in someone’s
day. Courtesy given freely is a
form of love available to all.

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