Hurricane Holidays

Trees bent in the fury of the wind
birds huddled in hidden shelters
bilious clouds forming grey-green hills
rain slanted, slashing, screeching
pellets of ice crashing, rebounding.
For hours the storm ravages outside
we tremble in fear
excited, awed, enjoying the show.

Mother serves soup
made on a camp-stove
candles flicker comfort
while we play board games
bedtime ignored.

Hurricane holidays
that leave downed trees
ruined roofs and kids
delighted with the excitement
of closed schools and
the storm’s destruction
to explore.

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There are too
many answers
never enough
all the wrong ones
leaving me wondering
why I keep asking “Why?”

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Where Were You?

I awoke with spider bites
tattooed on my arm.
Were You not guarding me
as I slept? I crossly accuse.

How much protection
do I expect?
Can a toddler learn to walk
if its mother prevents
every fall?

Why do we accuse God
of not loving us
when trouble slides our way?
Do we measure God’s love
by our own limitations?

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My Love for You

If I write of my love for You
others read it as carnal desire
not understand my longing
reaches far beyond this
world of bodily passion
on damp sheets

If I speak of my love for You
others hear only a blathering fool
trying to express that which
cannot be said
for it comes as a knowing in the heart
music only lovers hear
jasmine scented night breezes
a moving in and out
of multiple worlds

If I dance my love for you
twist, twirl, turn
on toe tips
hair and skirts swirling
I dance up moon beams
spin among the stars
a ballerina locked
in the throes of passion
dancing her love for You

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Wordless has become
my speech
silent eulogies
verses without form

Words become worthless
in Your presence
where only silent awe
pours forth
my pen finally silent
my heart full

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No Turning Back

There’s no turning back
the path leads only forward
twists and turns
valleys and hills
oceans of desert
I trod always forward
for there’s no turning back
now that I’ve given
my life to You

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Strands of Pearls

String of words like
stands of pearls
delight, promise

Strings of words like
knives slicing souls
emptying hearts
love trickling away
leaving holes of sorrow
that cannot be filled

Choose each word with care
polish it to pearly luminescence
add each to the strand
with loving care
strands of pearls
the Light of Love

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