Without Measure

foggy morning1

How many days did
I toss away
too this or that to see
the wonder of this world
the life You give to me

I want to live differently now
to savor the moment as a treasure
filled with gratitude for Your love
generously given without measure.

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Merry Heart

upside down rainbow

Merry is my heart
Singing with the birds
For You are in all I see
Clouds forming fantasies
Babies blowing bubbles
Rainbow upside down
Bowls of love
You are everywhere
Including inside of me

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Missing You

Himalayan Monal Pheasant Pakistan

You are part of me
I am part of You
yet I miss You
long for You

Together yet apart
close this chasm
caused by my
yet inability
to love as completely
as You love.
How I long
for this perfection.

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Clover Wishes

four leaf wish

Four petals of promise
She’s making a clover wish
White knight on a horse.

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Journey Home


Floating on dreams
silent angels sing
celestial songs only
I can hear.

The light is growing
brighter filling my soul
with love
a knowing that I’m
going home

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Cup of Love

tea party1

Love in a cup
pot of tea shared
gentle laughter
memories exchanged
tea party friendships
on a summer day

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True Life

old man with cane

Eyes grow dim
sounds fade away
steps slow
more and more
we go within
the outer replaced
by a knowing that
our true life
will soon begin.

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