My Boundary


I set my boundary
beyond which you will not pass
for there are limits
to how much I will give
allow, tolerate.
My boundary even
includes my own
destructive behaviors.

B uttress against those who wish to harm
O nly I know what is right for me
U nity with my Lord is my strength
N ever allow anyone to cross your boundary
D ecide today to change what you don’t like
A lways respect yours and other people’s boundaries
R emember you must respect your boundaries, too
Y ield not to pressure from others to relax your boundary

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Sing Your Song

baby with mirror2

Sing your song
don’t worry that
it’s not good enough
for a song of love
is perfect in every ear.

Dance your dance
everyone is beautiful
whose dance is
full of joy.

Be who you are
never a product of someone
else’s expectation.
Always be who God
made you to be…
a child of light and love.

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The Great Deception

no lies

The secret of great deception
is to tell the truth.
It is so seldom heard
that few will recognize it.

I marvel at how often people lie
even when it seems to serve
no purpose.

One of the most dramatic
changes I made in my life
was to openly declare that
I would no longer lie.
The backlash still astounds
me 20 years later.

Do I ever lie? Well….
almost never.
But even if I do slip
one in once in awhile
I can assure you that
not lying will change
your way of viewing
your life in many ways.

Try it for a week
no lies, not even
those little white ones.

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How to Die


There are many
ways to die.
Death of the soul
is a terrifying idea.
Is it possible that
one can be so filled
with darkness that
the Light of Life
becomes extinguished?

The walking dead
soul-less beings
myth or true?
Redeemable no more
a terrifying way to die.

May I never lose
the Light of Love within
that connects me
to the Matrix Divine
Keeper of my soul.

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The Con


There are only
two kinds of people
who can be conned:
those who want to be
and those who do not.

I want to believe
the best of people
not be bitter or untrusting
so sometimes I get conned
often with a naivety
that surprises even me.

At first I am astounded
even hurt, a bit outraged
then embarrassed that once again
my trust was betrayed.

But then I shrug
what can I do?
I let it go
and remember there
are still many
who value integrity.

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transparent woman

Rivers of veins
mark paths on
my hands and legs.
I’m becoming transparent
in more ways than one.

Soon you will see
through me completely.
No more mask do I wear
anymore. There’s just me
lit by the Light
that glows within
transparent to all
who see.

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Laughter with Fear


Laughter makes fear
an easier companion.
I give a nervous chuckle
at things that go bump
in the night knowing
courage is often
the willingness
to go forward
even in the face
of fear.

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