Comic Book Living

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Pow, wow, comic book action
cartoon life
Charlie Brown, Pig Pen
make believe stories

Books filed high
fairies fill the sky
is life real
or stories told
again and again
humanity spiraling
toward its
own distruction?

Tattoos, body piercing
hey, somebody
notice me
care if I’m alive
never knowing
the soul inside
too busy looking
for what we already have
a connection with the Divine
that lifts us out of the illusion
into the Great Beyond.

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Never Just One

Candy kisses
sweet, melting, delicious
eating one that tastes like “more.”
The secret of restraint
is to never have the first
somehow, I never remember.

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I am Yours
Your willing servant
humbled by Your love
awed by Your glory.

Shooting stars above
fireflies below
twinkles of light
on dew-kissed morning webs.

Light reins supreme
darkness fades away
bathe me in Your light
that I may become
a beacon of Your love.

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My Fire

You are my fire
my one desire
my heart is Yours
forever more.

Oh, the sweet passion
of youth which
evolves into
the sublime with time
expanding my ability
to love the One
who remains my fire.

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I see you as beautiful
are you really
or do I see only
what my heart shows me?

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Traits of Beauty

The traits of true beauty
can be described
by the qualities
of virtue, for who
can be beautiful
without being
generous, kind, compassionate
modest, innocent, honest?

Beauty is found
not in Photo Shop design
but rather coming from
a heart overflowing
with love.

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A Little Ingratitude


Sometimes I forget
how blessed I am
and whine about
something soon
forgotten. That
moment of ingratitude
blocks the light
of love, leaving me
in shadows of self-pity.

Foolish me who lets a
passing woe spoil even
one second of this
beautiful life
bestowed upon me.

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