Firm Tree


Just as a tree firmly rooted
is not shaken by the storm
even so the wise are not
affected by praise or blame.

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Bird in the Air


Like a bird in the air
my path can not be traced.
I leave no mark
formed by attachment
am free to go where
I am guided secure
in the knowing I am
where I am supposed to be.

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Clear Waters

pure water
Let my waters be clear
free of mud and silt
let all who thirst
drink their fill
of everlasting love.

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Forever by Your Side


May my thoughts be calm
my speech clear and sweet
my deeds full of love and compassion

May my knowing be so complete
that only serenity and wisdom
is possible in this world filled
with chaos and fear

May I walk with my hand
in Yours content to be
forever by Your side

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Useless Words


A thousand useless words
fill my head
spill from my pen
when only one is ever needed
one useful word that upon
hearing brings peace

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My Love


My love just is
needing not an object
love is who I am
what I want to be

Love is our Creator
with whom I am One
therefore, I am Love
a constant state of being

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The Silent Bell


We read, perhaps learn
speak, even teach
but until we put wise words
into action, we are a bell ringing
only silence.

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