triangles joined

Triangle, sign of the
Divine; our sign is its
mirror image. Together
they represent unity.

Pray with uncertainty
for it is not a lack
of faith. The new is
always uncertain; only
death is certain and it
is an illusion.

Look for the seed of the
Divine sprouting the new
within your heart. Let go
of the old ways of being.
Make room for the Tree
of Life to grow.

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Emotions Embraced


Our emotions are not our enemies
to be tamed and restricted. Rather
they are great gifts, highly
evolved instruments, adding
symphonies of experience to our lives.

I sit alone in the further most seat of
the balcony, the orchestra a mere dot below.
The back wall captures the music which
resonates all around me, thrusting me
into the rich harmonies until my body
trembles in cadence with each trill.

The violins sing my joy, the piccolos
pipe my anticipation, bassoons cry out
my longing, the great timpanic drum marks
my heart beat, which echoes the steady
rhythms. I am filled with cascading emotions,
sweet flavors of life. I am alive!

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Bad Girl


I’ve been told that you are “bad,”
that I need to keep you firmly under
control, that you are rebellious,
even dangerous.

Little girls with bad tempers aren’t
nice, people won’t like you, our
mothers warned us. So we grew up
afraid and ashamed of our anger,
terribly afraid that people will
not “like” us. Oh, no!

What we were not told is that anger
is a great barometer; it warns of
the rumbling force that is within,
steadily building momentum, boiling
up until it reaches its peak of power.

What we were not told is that it can be
transformed and guided into the energy
of change. Anger heralds that something
is out of balance, intolerable. It shines
the light on situations that we have ignored
or accepted too long.

Anger is a sacred force which moves us to
no longer accept the unacceptable. We must
not waste this precious gift, pouring it forth
as out-of-control rage. Let your anger
create, rather than destroy. Listen to it,
feel it, savor it, guide it. Let it teach you
your boundaries. You need not stifle it until
it turns you bitter. Rather, embrace it, honor
it, and express it in ways that reveal changes that
must be made. Let the current of love ride
beneath it so that its alchemy reveals its gold.

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The Spoon

spoon garden

Let me till the garden
with a spoon. Let me know
each worm, blade of grass
by name. May I be so immersed
that the harvest is filled
with bits of my soul.

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Choosing the Journey


Where do I go from here?
One more meal to fix,
song to sing,
tear to fall.
Hours slipping
into a lifetime,
made meaningful
only by intention.
Shall I just flow
with the river of life,
or create a Viking journey?
The choice is always mine.

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Puppy Wonder

3 puppies

I can love my dog,
who licks my fingers in
pleasure of my company.
He’s taught me to enjoy
rubbing his belly, going
for walks in the floresta
with him, howling at the moon.

Life is so simple for him:
food gobbled down with gusto,
joyous walks exploring every
scent, long naps filled with
dreams that make him give
tiny yips and whimpers.

Now I am beginning to
understand how to enjoy
each moment, letting
my life be filled
with puppy wonder.

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Our Own Beauty

abundant beauty

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