On Bended Knee


How is it that I seek
that which I already found?
How is it that I long for
what already is mine?

I am a singer singing a song
I do not know.
Mine is a heart-theology
nothing of man
can bend my knees.

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Show Me Thy Glory


Like Moses, I cry, “Show me Thy glory!”
that I may know You
for only in this knowing
can this flame within continue
for without You, I cannot exist.

In the star-filled wonder of night
the painter’s pallet of quiet morning rise
sweet doves and baby coos
thunderous storms of the sea
subtle whorls of humming bird wings
show me Thy glory.

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Empty Worship


In this hour of
all-but-universal darkness
I keep my eyes
on the light of the Lord.

What is worship:
rituals, set prayers
singing, observance
of recognized days?

Why do I feel empty
when participating
in what others call
worship? I sit at
a feast and slowly starve.

It is not mere words and actions
that nourish my soul
but God, Himself
brings me the inner sweetness
of His love.

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Grateful Humility

Let no talent
fill you with pride
no accomplishment
nothing you’ve accumulated
for all you have
you have received
through the grace of God.

Grateful humility
the key to eternity.

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Faster and Faster


Caught in the frantic rhythm of life
treadmill going faster and faster
running in place, going nowhere
the rat race of pointlessness.

Be still, step off, let go
open your heart to the Divine
hear His silent love.
become limitless
be one with all.

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Sea of Eternity


No longer do I study, ponder
all striving has been stripped away.
In its place has come a stillness
a love growing without pause
a merging into the Sea of Eternity.

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Whispers of God

I am learning to
go still to
the depths of my bones
for it is only in this
absolute stillness
this quiet of the soul
can I begin to hear
the loving whispers of God.

In silent prayer I sit
waiting, receptive
in total surrender
heart ready to receive
that which God would me have.

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