A Wrathful God



Everybody’s right
everybody’s wrong
the truth have we, they say
wave the book
it’s right here
God loves me, but not you
into the fire you go forever

Who is this wrathful God
playing favorites
casting his creations
into forever fire?

What happens to evil doers
in the end? Are they faulty
creations that must be destroyed?
Is redemption not possible for all?

So many questions
you must have faith, I’m told
maybe there’s no
happily ever afters
except for tellers
of this tale
a story with many holes

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Beware — A Folly


The lost follow the biggest noise
only to arrive at its source
to discover their folly.
Beware of the latest guru
or even ancient “knowledge.”
Subtle realities found in the now
point the way to that which you seek.

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M oving into layers of life
Y et another reality to explore
S ainthood is not necessary to be mystical
T aking liberties with perception
I ncreasing one’s openness to possibility
C easing to be controlled by society norms
A llow for the inner becoming outer
L ess Do, more Be

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Word Games


Too lazy
two times
to be
bee buzzing
see oceans
sea caps
word games
with meaning in code
how we love mystery
today and of old

Is there really ancient wisdom
guarded by a secret few
passed down hidden each generation?
Is God so secretive that only
a few are allowed to know?

I believe God is transparent
available to all, easy to access
eager to be with us
whom He calls Beloved.
I believe life should be simple
love and be loved
through all time.

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E xplanation can bar perceptions
X pect the unexpected
P roper understanding comes from experience
L essons abound in the absurd
A llowances must be made for arrogance
I niate changes in your mundane
N othing is as it seems

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Paper Doll World

paper dolls
She lives in a
paper doll world
a forever child
too bruised
by unwelcomed
nocturnal visits
to enter adult reality.

Abuse lasts forever, friends.
It is not something you “get over.”
Women who have been raped
carry this permanent scar.
We as a society
share the blame
for we help create
this world that allows
this to continue
generation after generation.

It is time to stop this
for mankind will have
no spiritual awakening
with this stain on our souls.

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Life’s uncertainties urge us on.
Filled with questions we seek to find.
Answers breed more questions.
Life’s uncertainties urge us on.
Man is a curious beast seeking to know
What’s on the other side, he wonders.
Life’s uncertainties urge us on.
Filled with questions we seek to find.

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