G rumpy—I choose not to be
R ight now I’m changing my attitude
U gly moods—a thing of the past
M ay God keep me ever in His Light
P lease remind me if I forget
Y ou can change your life, too

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I’m Blessed

I always have enough
for I am grateful for
what I have
for many have so much less
yet even they are blessed.

Quiet nights with
star filled skies
a place to lie in rest
a God who watches over me
a night of sweet slumber
it’s true I am very blessed.

Sun-filled days
flowers everywhere
I walk in peace
watch the birds
who fly freely without
a care
when we’re content
we’re surely blessed.

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Repeating Patterns

I watch me
but never see
repeating patterns
that don’t help me

Suddenly something
I heard before
gives a wake-up call
and I understand
what I’ve missed
so many times before

Patient is our Lord!

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Curtains Up

Curtain call
the play begins
all actors in their place
play called “Life”
is reenacted every day
different actors
same plots
villains and victims
hero to the rescue
the story then begins again

Longest play on Broadway
anybody got a new story?

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Paths Crossing

paths crossing


Crossing my path is an
unexpected road. Shall
I take it, see where it
leads? Experience life
in a different way? Or
shall I travel on this path,
safe in its familiar way?

It really does not matter
as all paths lead home.
Each has its adventures,
struggles, joy, lessons,
so choose what your inner
voice tells you to choose.
Enjoy this marvelous journey.

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Our Dark Side


What is our “dark side?”
Is it true that we all
have one? Did the Creator
create us in His image;
does He have a dark side?
Challenge all “truisms,”
even famous quotes accepted
by many as “truths.”


“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of others.” Carl Jung

Sounds good unless one looks carefully at the implications. Go within to seek the truth.

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In Our Hands


Will this baby
grow up surrounded
by love or war,
compassion or greed?
Will he learn kindness
or hate by his surroundings?
Will fear be his normality,
or will he reach for the stars?

We hold this child’s life
in our hands. What we do,
or do not do will be a
deciding factor. He is
our tomorrow.



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