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Hi, I just added another essay to the sister blog, “The Final Third.” This is the first section that talks about my beginning work as a volunteer 14 years ago at Santa Branca, an ecological project in central Brazil. It is interesting for me to look back and see how far I have come in those years. They have been so filled with experiences I could have never envisioned at that time. Hope you enjoy exploring them with me as much as I am enjoying sharing them with you. hugs, pat

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Where Did They Go?


Humming birds have disappeared
It happens every year
At the same time rainbows reappear
Humming birds have disappeared
What if nothing’s good or bad
But simply is what it is?
Humming birds have disappeared
It happens ever year

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Bell rings, fight begins
boxers dance, feign blows
waiting for the other
to begin or misstep
the crowd roars its impatience
for blood to flow

How is it that people
take pleasure in other’s pain?
We watch the violence
in movies, news, books
even accidents on the highway
with a certain fascinated glee.
Sometimes I wounder what’s to become
of the creature called “humanity”

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What Is

sky splendor

I can rant and rave
declare life is unfair
or accept what is given
with serenity

I choose to live
a peaceful life
doing the best I can
knowing that when
all is said and done
things are what they are
from the beginning
until the end.

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Sweet Violets


Violets, hiding, peaking out
sweet treasures
picking a bouquet of joy
to give the one I adore
each petal of purple
my declaration of love
for ever more

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You want it
so do I
cut the baby into two
sometimes fair is not fair
then, only love will do

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Rainy Day Logic


Saving for a rainy day
hoping the sun doesn’t shine
seems contradictory to me
maybe I’ll take the money instead
and go on a shopping spree

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