I live into the forest of green
smell the wet woods
damp from summer rain
leaves bursting with green
the floresta is alive
wraps me in her arms
holds me to her bosom
allowing me to fill
with the serenity
of abundant life and love

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The Gypsy Girl

Tambourines ring
with the bells on her ankles
her rainbow skirt swirls
as she dances around the fire
they clap to the beat of her song

The gypsy girl
with flowing hair
tells my fortune
under the harvest moon

I laugh with delight
as she guesses my dreams
assuring me all will go well
in my make-believe world
where dreams come true
if promised by a gypsy girl

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My Work, My Job

Nine to five
I do my job
five days a week
year after year
but, oh the joy
I do my work
that feeds my soul
in the other time

How fortunate is he
whose job is his work
how free he must be
maybe I’ll get it right
one day and this will be
be the same for me

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Living My Life Again

Like a favorite book re-read
I’m living my life again
correcting the errors
I’m a little wiser now
visiting each place
to see what I failed to see

I erase harsh words
thoughtless deeds
love where there
once was hate

I visit the life
again and again
changing all I did wrong
and the hurt
that was done to me

At last I finished
rebuilt my life
into a perfect reality
where streets are gold
angels sing
in perfect harmony

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Magic and Dreams

A life built on
magic and dreams
white lies and fantasy
I slip between the layers
dimensions of reality
know all is real
and nothing is, too

An old woman’s body
sits in my chair
I left her long ago
silence now holds me
in its hand
as I ride
a star of winter snow

I laugh with glee
as they try to drag me back
to an unkind world
they call reality

Leave me be
I like it here
in my world of

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Dragonfly Ride

I lie upon the meadow bloom
with daisies in my hair
yonder go the cattle
tip-toeing in a row
above me butterflies
flit here and there

A blue-tipped dragonfly
hovers offering me a ride
I quickly hop inside
off we dart across the field
my eyes see through his
I feel the breeze of his wings
how lovely to be free

It has been many years
since those days of
summer fantasy
when I was a child
living in my world
filled with love
and serenity

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Time of Before

Do not cling
to the time of before
let it go
as one would empty
soggy coffee grounds

Start fresh each morning
letting your cup of joy
overflow, fresh brewed
laughter spilling from
your lips without
even a reason why

Each moment is new
and so is all in it
even that which was old
renews itself in a world
that never stops changing

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