Which Is First?

thank you
thank you

Which comes first
request or gratitude?

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Become a Prayer

Let your life become a prayer
your every breath
a salutation to the Creator
an inhalation your gratitude
exhalation your plea

See God in every leaf
in the wrinkled smile
of a forgotten elder

Heed God’s voice
in summer breezes
His eyes in harvest moons
smiles in star twinkles
on velvet background of night

Prayer becomes
a way of being
for all who love the Lord

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P erseverance builds endurance
E veryone has trials
R emember to ask for God’s help
S ee God’s glory in all you experience
E ach trial offers opportunity
V ictory follows prayer and commitment
E agles soar in the Light of Love
R each for your dreams
E ach step in the Light is a blessing

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Tiny Prayers

A tiny prayer
is as powerful
as a great big one
“May I always be grateful.”

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No Test, No Temptation

God does not
tempt us
test us
rather we are tempted
when we are enticed
by our own Godless desires

Evil cannot exist
in God’s Light
if you pursue that which
God would have you do
you will be blessed
again and again
and be filled with
the Light of Love

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Just Ask

If you lack wisdom
ask and you will receive
though you must
ask with faith

If you lack faith
ask and you will receive
for good intention
is the catalyst
of change
for our Creator
gives abundantly
willingly with
unending love

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Me As I Am

I do not see me
as I am
nor as others see me.
Because of God’s grace
I see me
as He sees me
His Beloved

Thank-you for
the vision
of who I really am
a soul of Light
part of the Creator

An actor
in the play
called “life”
who, when the
curtain goes down
am still a spark
of the Divine

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