The Inch Worm


Inch worm goes slowly
across the miles
one inch at a time
seeing more than
birds who fly
who see little as
the world rushes by.

Why do we rush
always in a hurry
the next thing more important
than what we are doing now.

We rob each moment of its splendor
always missing the profound.
Is it not better to live
one moment to its fullest
than rushing through a life
we don’t remember
in the end?

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Which One?

monkey brazil

2015 Juni 354_1

Monkey in the tree
watching me watch him
which is the monkey?


Yes, this is a picture of me. You can decide which one is me.

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Fingers of Light


Fingers of light
seek across the land
illuminating dark
where it is found.
There is only light
the darkness an illusion
a contrast to better see the light.

Wake up, Dear Ones
Your slumber ends now.
You have entered the age of dawn
stepping out of the old humanity
into a world of wonder
leaving behind duality.

Wondrous is all creation
give thanks unto the Lord
praise be to He who created all
worlds of beauty and love.

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Only You


The center of the vortex is calling me
My soul spirals outward yet inward
I travel to where I am
The center of the vortex is calling me
Separation is an illusion, time a fantasy
There is not me, only You, through all eternity
The center of the vortex is calling me
My soul spirals outward yet inward

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Sacred Women


Child of my womb
now yourself a mother
generations of women
carrying the seeds of life
each of us a wonder
to be honored and cherished
both by ourselves and others.
We are sacred vessels that hold the Light
united are we
until the end of time.

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Be A Tree

cherry tree2

If you are a tree
be a tree
don’t be what others
expect you to be
a tree can not be the sea.

Do you know who you are
why you are here?
Have you found
the authentic you
deep within
the you that came
from the Source of Life?

Be who you are
not who you think you should be
to please others
which is not possible anyway.

You are unique
like no other
you were made
by the Divine Hand of God
so be who you are meant to be
a Being of love, compassion
and integrity.

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Life Made Simple


played with off and on all day
life made simple
that is my aim
my teacher, the puppy
is showing me
how it’s done
now, where did
I put that sock?

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