Begin Again


A new beginning
each day gives us a new start
opportunity to say
thank-you for another day
may I use it more wisely.

One more chance to try.
Each day brings us new lessons
chance to grow, learn how
to love unconditionally
as our Creator does.

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A Moment With You

Canyonland National Park16

Ah, what would
it be like to have
a moment of solitude
with You? Could my
heart bear the bliss?

I’d climb the highest peak
if You were there waiting
just to have this
sublime moment
uninterrupted joy
in Your Presence.

But I can’t do that
I say, turning on the TV
or rushing out the door.
How foolish to think God
could be alone with me
and so I never listen
for His call deep within
waiting for the moment
of solitude with me.

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I plan to do it
then procrastinate
best of intentions
fall by the wayside
little acts of broken integrity
stain the soul

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What is a Poem?

What is a poem?
From where does it spring?
There are sad poets, political,
romantic, humorous, sly poets,
music poets writing words of
love to be sung beneath the
balcony of ladies fair. Ballads
of battles, damsels in distress,
poems that record histories of
man’s valor and cowardice’s.

Poems are magical, chains of words
to delight, inspire, declare.
Everyone is a poet who takes the
time to see life through the eyes
of a well turned phrase, constructed
with a heart of love.

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Words That Sting

When someone says something
that makes you uncomfortable or angry,
rather than lashing out at them,
consider the gift of their words.
What is it that makes you resist
what they say? What is the lesson
being presenting? Our reaction to
words that sting offer beautiful
opportunities to grow. The choice
is ours to see with gratitude
or with anger.

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Silence, Weapon or Wand

Silence can heal or wound.
I would prefer you be with me
in loving quiet, than in
indifferent or angry silence,
which pierces my heart.

Silence is powerful. Use it with
wisdom and compassion.

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Never Too Old

study every day
keeps cobwebs away
learning’s a delight
fills our minds
keeps us bright

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