Babies and Hope


Babies bring hope
in a future where
caring and compassion
are the norm
greed and indifference
fall away
all are united
individuality respected
love prevails.

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Another Blessing


Another day of life
blessing or curse?
Today I will make it a blessing
help others, do good, praise the Lord.

I’ll leave the days of curses
to those who’ve yet to learn
how to find blessings
in all we experience
each day.

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amazon poisonous frog

Looking for a manhole cover
gonn’ slip inside
hide from all I do not
understand both
real and imagined
scary stuff
confusing things
wondering, pondering
What’s it all about, Alfie?

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Days of Muttering


Some days I mutter to myself
Cycling complaints all day long
Feeling left out, unloved, inept
Some days I mutter to myself
Next day I’m the world’s greatest optimist
Finding love within, without, in all
Some days I mutter to myself
Cycling complaints all day long

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Life is energy flowing
constantly moving
recreating itself endlessly
sacred geometry shapes
patterns repeated in stars
our bodies, lofty trees, baby chicks

Energy: light bulbs, weight
lifters, lasers, boiling water
we all know what energy is
yet we don’t really, do we?
a shock we can feel
voltage can be measured
lightening observed
yet, what is energy?

Some say a matrix of energy
connects all life
that this life has one source
and this Source has consciousness
even loving awareness
ever creating Itself
in astounding variations
of common sacred patterns

We build mosques, churches
tabernacles, icons, to worship
this unfathomable Source
inventing stories, demands
rituals, regulations
around what we thing
this Source wants

But what if these ideas
religious, cultural customs
are all a way of rationalizing
what we can not understand
our need to feel life is more
than randomness ending in death?

E ver present
N ever ending
E volving
R egenerating
G od, Allah, Jehovah, Spirit?
Y et to be understood

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Blessed Is Imperfection


Blessed is He
who judges not
another’s life
who views all
with compassion
and a loving heart

I want to become
this person yet
have a long way
to go still
I’m learning
each day that we
all just do the best
we can in our own
imperfect way

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Big Eye in the Sky


The Big Eye in the sky
watching our petty deeds
casting us into brimstone
to suffer forever more

I walked away from this
vengeful god rejecting
religion that paints God this way
wandered in the desert
for forty years seeking
life’s meaning and finding
mostly man’s inhumanity

Yet my soul was wise
held on to a God
I knew to be kind
a God of mercy
of love that lasts
throughout all time

Now I know this God
personally. He guides
me every day. It is
this God to whom I pray
who loves, guides
and protects me
every step of the way.

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