Language With No Words


Slowly I am learning
the language that
has no alphabet
no words or sounds.
The language of wisdom
is full of spaciousness
riding on wind currents
with no wings.

I need no lips, nor voice
to speak the sacred word
for it is a word of action

Silent true
love, love

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Holding Truth



like tongs these two
letters grip truth
holding it firmly

The task seems simple
but is hard to do.
It is the only way to learn
what is true.

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Pure Water

Underground rivers
flowing in the veins
of our Mother.
Pure water circles
the globe silently
bringing life to all.

Above, snow melts
and raindrops
fill rivers that
spill into the sea
or sink into the earth
returning to underground
renewing life
again and again.

Pure water
more precious
than gold
or oil
yet squandered
at the cost
of life.

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Let Go


I was filled
with shoulds and don’t
overflowing with
goals and ambition.

Why do we insist
that status quo
is wrong, even lazy?

Even surrender
requires action.

Ah, but letting go
allows stillness
and in the quiet
there is a knowing
a serenity
beingness that
needs nothing more.

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Chord of Longing

The chord of longing
keeps me attached to you
although I do not yet
comprehend its end point.

I walk with a jaunty stride
knowing you protect me
down into a pit I fall
though I saw it was there.

What about my protection?
I splutter.
“I gave you eyes
and a mind
to protect but
you used neither.”

I climbed out of the pit
continued my journey.
This time using
my protection.

What a team are we!

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Your Trophy


I am not your trophy
nor your possession
my love does not give
you the right to control me.

Unconditional love does not
mean accepting unacceptable

Love gives
not takes.

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Old Shoe

old shoe2

Old shoe filled with smells.
You and I have walked too far.
A hammock sounds good.

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