A Small Thing


Today I write poetry
that you come to read
a small thing unless
you don’t have eyes to see
nor a computer
a home
food and clean water
land free of war and killing

Today I write poetry
that you come to read
first let’s be grateful
then reach out to help
those who long to be free

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My Home

less is more

Thank you for my home
many have none today.
I’m grateful for everything
I have for many have
so much less that I often
wonder why I’ve been so blessed.

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Without Walls


In a prison without walls
chains of want
bind me leaving me discontent
envious of those who have

I pursue all that glitters
fool’s gold calls to me
I never have enough
always I want more
starving at a banquet
I am blind to all I have.

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bobbing in the sea
waiting for a rescue
to solve my problems for me

Was taught to be a helpless girl
I hope you understand
always waiting for someone to come
to give a helping hand

One day a quiet voice within
showed me a better way.
Do for yourself, I will help.
How grateful I am today.

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Other People’s “Lovelies”

dog looking up


Perhaps other people love him;
I never could, he’s too…
Are there people in your life
whom you consider “other people’s lovelies,”
lovable by some, but not for you?

There is no denying that some people
can be aggravating, aggressive, and
unappealing. They can be our
best teachers! Through them, we
learn compassion, patience,
unconditional love.

Try finding one thing you can
like about this person.
Each time you meet them,
consider their soul as it
struggles to grow. Be
grateful for the opportunity
they provide you to become
more compassionate and loving.

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A Little Sag


Everything will be alright.
Can I believe this
trust it 100%
not a trace of doubt
what if?

Sometimes I just need
a boost in my faith
just to lift
a momentary sag.
Of course, all I have to do
is ask.
How can I forget
something so easy?

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