Tightrope Walker

tightrope walker

Can you not see
the narrowness
of the tightrope
you walk? Love gives
perfect balance
making the path
ever steady
until the
end of time.

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Flavor of Truth


A bowl does not
taste the soup.
Only the mouth
knows its flavor.
The truth must be
in the right vessel
for its wisdom to be known.

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Filling the Mind

980x (3)

Mind is but a receptacle
fill it with anger, hate
jealousy, lavaciousness
and suffering is sure to
follow all the days
of your life.

Yet he who has a pure mind
filled with loving thoughts
and who acts accordingly
has serenity and joy
unto the end of all time.

Hatred does not still hatred
peace only comes from peace
the conqueror never wins.
If someone wrongs you, forgive
them, pray for them, for in
your love will they find the Light.

If you would have love
you must be love
for it is not something
that you get
but rather what you are.

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Don’t Worry Today


Today, I will not worry;
to do so drags me down,
makes me lose faith.
The dark voice whispers
all the “what-ifs” but I
refuse to hear for experience
shows me that, in the end,
all is as it should be.

W aiting for disasters that never come
O pen your mind to positive possibilities
R elease all negative thoughts
R esist temptation to fret
Y ou are the sum of your thoughts


Here is some toe-tapping joy music.

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Individual or Group?

man in fog

Individual versus group
how does one maintain
originality yet fit
into the whole–age old
question, one can argue
both sides

If we are holographic images
of the Whole, then nothing
we do is truly original as
we serve as conduits for the
manifestations of the Creator.

I am not I, you are not you,
we both are we
part of the I Am
simple but unfathomable

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Oh, Nuts!


Too many nuts
it’s good to have some
but overindulgence
makes you crazy.
Why do we say
“nuts” for “crazy?”

I love nuts
both kinds.
Does this mean
I am crazy?
Think I’ll have

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Life Slipping Away

lighthouse on the edge

Clap once
stomp twice
shout three times
in a row.
Each day I do this
to let the whole world know.

There is no tomorrow;
we only have today.
If we let it slip by,
our lives just melt away.

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