Loving Others

animal love2

Can we love others
unlike our own?
Generosity of the heart
knows no boundaries.

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Tongue at Fault


The reach of a tongue’s
unkind words
knows no limits.
Speak only with kindness
or keep your tongue still.

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My pile is bigger than yours
bigger house, car, bank account
therefore I must be more important.
Kings bow before me
people turn in fear
dogs roll over
children cry

Yet I stand behind a curtain
roaring orders to all
magnified to a booming voice
and lie afraid in the dark
knowing its all a sham
my thumb in my mouth
crying for a mommy that
never comes.

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I will not be less
so you won’t feel insecure,
nor will I allow you
to treat me disrespectfully.

You will not control me
bully me, or
make me afraid.

No longer will I be
less than I am
for I am a child of the Light,
yet, you are, too.
We are both worthy
of loving respect,
no less will do.


Grand Canyon, photos by Buddy Tournade

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A Separate Being


I am a separate being;
like no other, I stand alone.
Suffering and fear is my lot.
The world is a constant threat.

I am connected to All,
a Light on the grid of life
each being is part
of Pure Love Energy;
nothing stands alone.
Knowing this, I remain

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The Vastness of God


How vast are You
impossible to name
to comprehend
yet You are pure love
and we are part of You
in some unfathomable way
leaving my heart
tranquil and free

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Series of Losses


Some say old age
is a series of losses
yet loss is also
letting go. If we
only know how to seek,
how will we face the
inevitable loss
called “death?”

Every moment I am
letting go
rushing toward death
leaving unneeded parts
of me along the path
until only my essence
is left, pure Source
returning to Source.

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