Tick-Tock Life

little prince and the rose

Do not tick-tock
your life away
watching soap operas
and tiny cell phone screens.

Put away your distractions
yes, even books of poetry.
Start living your life
not just watching it
slip away.

You are not a celestial accident
but rather a much loved
child of God.
Hold this in your heart
show it to the wind.

Be this beloved creature
the Little Prince’s
special flower to the end.

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The Believer


The non-believer
has no one to thank
or go to for comfort.

Is it faith or hope
or are they the same?
No matter
I believe there is
a loving Creator
for not to would leave
too many unanswerable questions
when what I really want
is to be wrapped
in the serenity of love.


To read about the other side…the nonbeliever, go to my new sister blog, Web of Duality:


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Where I Belong (2)

right where I belong2

I’m right where I belong
safe in the arms of my Lord.
There is no other place I’d rather be
surrounded, engulfed,
filled with His love.

I am home, free to be
who I’ve always been
without the demands
of others, finally I’m
right where I belong.


Note that this is number 2 of  Where I Belong. If you want to see the first poem by that name, go to the other side, my new sister blog: Web of Duality:


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Love That’s True


You said you’d come back
so I waited
I believed your lies

Lost my faith in love
it was not what it seems
full of empty promises
a path strewn with broken dreams

Then the Lord whispered
“What you need is love that’s true”
He wiped my eyes and promised
“This I give to you”

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Flowers in the Garden

angel with cat
Do not pick the flowers in God’s garden
Leave them their virginity
Darling girls in their purity
Do not pick the flowers in God’s garden
Where did I lose my innocence?
How did I become so jaded?
Do not pick the flowers in God’s garden
Leave them their virginity

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F ree of fear for He’s always near
A ctions, not empty promises
T hankfulness lights the path
H elp in the hour of need
E very day is a gift
R ealty shifts to light with love

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Penny Promises

easy to give, hard to keep
too many are forgotten.
I want only penny promises
“In God we trust.”

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