Not Lost

kitten with leaf

Why do religions have
gurus, masters, enlightened ones
intermediaries, teachers?

Bookcases overflow, airwaves
are jammed with Internet
sites filled with any
answer you might want.

There are courses, workshops
seminars, groups, FB pages
clubs, secret societies
yet here we are
in a world being destroyed
by hatred, greed, and indifference.

We sit at a banquet
yet starve to death
not recognizing which food
is real and which is illusion.

The irony is that which we seek
needs no other to show us
for it is already within us
guiding, loving, protecting.

Your religion, teacher, guru
is called Love Divine
and a thousand other names.
You do need to seek it
for you are already
part of the Force of Life.

Go within, listen to
the Voice, find that
for which you yearn.

Nothing of this earth
can show you the way
for how can you find
what has never been lost?


  1. Pat, please answer truthfully one question: are you or have you ever been a member of the ancient order of Freesmiths?


    • No, I never heard of them but will read about them now that I know about them. I love to read historical fiction about the Middle Ages but never heard of the Freesmiths? Why do you ask if I have ever been a member? BTW, I always answer truthfully or else say that I don’t want to answer questions I feel are inappropriate or ones I simply feel are private and don’t care to discuss. Are you a member of this group? hugs, pat


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