Quit Praying

praying statue
I quit praying
how relieved God must be
blah-blah-blah in His ear
all day long
whining, complaining, begging
trying to manipulate
with soon forgotten promises

So now I listen
to what comes my way
practice gratitude
explore humility
learn compassion, empathy
how to love
all of which
makes praying


  1. There is a difference between praying and praying though.
    The one you described is begging, and in a way self-focused… and that is permissible as a supererogatory mode of worship,
    but there is also the prayer of adoration and awe and love, which helps greatly in exploring humility.

    May the light of guidance to the Real may never be eclipsed for you, dear Pat.

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  2. God’s grace and mercy is amazing but prayer is our weapon against negative energy. Spiritual wealth and prayer go hand in hand.

    Continued Love , Light and Blessings, Emma

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