Every Seven Years

Kilian Jornet climbing the Matterhorn in climbing time record.

Some say we change stages
every seven years: 0-7, 8-14, 15-21, etc.
Each stage offers one or more
levels of learning, the first part
we receive (1 to 3 1/2 years)
the last part we practice.

At the beginning we
are climbing a mountain
steep, rocky with views
that get better and perils
that challenge even the most brave.

Finally we reach the summit
finding the treasure
each mountain top holds.
Carrying it gingerly
we start our descent
examining our prize
to know what it brings.

At the bottom of the mountain
if we are wise, we will have
incorporated the treasured lesson
using it as we cross the vale
and begin our ascent again.

It is an interesting model
at 72, I am finishing a cycle
and find myself waiting
perhaps resting, incorporating
detaching, expanding
understanding at a deeper level
yet knowing there is so much more.


  1. Beautiful Pat, simply beautiful! Your words really resonate with me having lived the mountain analogy when I went to Africa a year and a half ago. Thank you ❤


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