Dark Feast

dark banquet

Dark shadows feeding
on dark energy;
we create banquets
of hate and greed.

Love feeding on love;
open the doors wide.
Invite all to the feast
platters heaped
with compassion
sweet deserts of love.

Which banquet do you choose?
A place at both tables awaits you;
your choice is your invitation.
Take your seat, my friend.


  1. I find balance with both my darkness and my light and become whole. Do you really prefer sugary treats over a balanced meal of whole foods? I can understand that perspective for sure. Amazingly insightful poem. Thank you. – Aaron


  2. Of course, I choose love. Some people attracts me regardless of their society status. Some personalities repels me. It is their love and compassionate characters attract me most. Now, I understand myself better the reason I can’t stand certain personalities. Their greed and hatred towards everyone around them drain my energy.



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