Expect the Worst


I am learning
to expect the worst–
people are selfish.
Why do I paint them
with my expectation
only to be disappointed
time and again?

And why do I
expect so much
from myself
feeling I failed
when I can’t
measure up
to an unrealistic demand?

Am I enlightened?
What difference does it make?
Am I spiritual
or this or that?
Oh, how I love
to paint myself
into corners.

I do not need
the future to be better.
I only need to choose
to be where I am
right now.
Just this.

One comment

  1. Pat, have you ever had one of those electrifying moments where you couldn’t do anything about it?

    Or gotten lost in your own dream?

    Shall i believe in a god, in the moment of my despair?

    i find myself trapped in a nightmare without hope of being set free…


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