Expect the Worst


I am learning
to expect the worst–
people are selfish.
Why do I paint them
with my expectation
only to be disappointed
time and again?

And why do I
expect so much
from myself
feeling I failed
when I can’t
measure up
to an unrealistic demand?

Am I enlightened?
What difference does it make?
Am I spiritual
or this or that?
Oh, how I love
to paint myself
into corners.

I do not need
the future to be better.
I only need to choose
to be where I am
right now.
Just this.

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1 Response to Expect the Worst

  1. jensenempire2551 says:

    Pat, have you ever had one of those electrifying moments where you couldn’t do anything about it?

    Or gotten lost in your own dream?

    Shall i believe in a god, in the moment of my despair?

    i find myself trapped in a nightmare without hope of being set free…


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