Gift of Hearing


The floresta is
not quiet; it can
be incredibly noisy.
True, there are no
trucks rumbling by
sirens wailing
but bull frogs croaking
cicadas screeching
birds chattering
billions of insects buzzing
create a cacophony of sound
that rarely stops.

What is it like to hear
nothing? How lonely one
must feel cut off from
the sounds of life.
I can not imagine a life
without music, the sound
of laughter, waves crashing
on the shore.

Today, I will be grateful
for the gift of hearing.
May I never take it for granted.


  1. This is so beautiful, and something I can relate to. My husband and I are both totally blind, and we are grateful every day for our hearing, Especially with the birds singing again. šŸ™‚


    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. I find that gratitude always allows us to take the trials of life and use them to draw closer to our Creator and to savor all the gifts He gives us each day. hugs, pat ā¤


    • I lost total vision in one eye and all but 30% in the other last year. The experience of being almost blind was very interesting. There were many ways to compensate and had I not regained my sight, I would have managed well. But loss of sound must be so extreme. Yet, once one begins to go within to explore one’s inner dimensions, perhaps loss of sound would even enhance this. Interesting how we can have blessings in each experience. hugs, pat

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