Believing in God

I want to do more
than believe in God.
I want to merge with Him
cohabit, combine, commit
until there is no dividing line.

I know a song
do you want to hear it?
It is filled with laughter
saturated with love
every pore in the sky
leaking love
as I sing God’s harmony
as He sings “enjoy Me.”

Enjoy—not suffer
receive His grace
with laughter
delighting wildly
in His gifts

My heart is filled
with gratitude
God’s grace fills my soul.

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4 Responses to Believing in God

  1. I love your poetic nature of praise to God. God bless you.

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  2. Great poem. What you describe is what got me into meditation and the spiritual path. I wanted to experience God, not just believe. Peace and Blessings


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