heaven or hell

What will the world
be like when there is
no duality? When our
every desire is instantly
fulfilled? Will this be
heaven or hell?


  1. I think it would be hell after all, because you can never appreciate peace and feeling of heaven if you did not feel pain and sorrow. And the concept of counterpart is a big factor in life as it do distinguish each other. You can never produce a spark without positive and negative combined.


  2. I think a constant state of either would be hell
    but then, you’d get used it it

    it’s our minds nature to find a way to cope
    turning pain into pleasure and back again


  3. Yes, very interesting question Pat. Much more will be revealed to us after we pass on, but what about consciousness. Will we somehow become fully enlightened or remain as we are, or be something in between. If we instantly draw to us the content of our minds, then it might get very uncomfortable for some people.


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