Oh, to Learn


I am struggling to learn
how to be calm in the face
of conflict. To state my
position with no excuses
or lists of explanations.
To quietly present, letting
the other person choose how
he wishes to react while
retaining my serenity.


    • I do not like passive aggression either. I do not think this poem is referring to that but rather that we need not argue. Simply state our truth without excuses and let the other person react as they will. We need not change their mind or give in to any demand that goes against our truth.


      • I have been stuck in the enertia of passive resistance

        I am reading your poems from the perspective of a traumatized person who is phobic about people

        I don’t read this like an average person

        well, not in any sense since I used to be a poet and writer

        and now am just a blogger


  1. Ya Pat, i tried that once, it was too tough for me so decided to try something a little easier, like yelling and shouting and stamping my feet, to get my own way. Hugs to you

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    • I once heard an author of a book on how to deal with kids having temper tantrums. She talked about patience, giving them a chance to vent, etc. A woman in the audience said “What if you have four kids, a grouchy husband, two dogs, and a house that is never quiet. What if the kid in question does not stop his tantrum?” The speaker smiled and said, “Well, if you have tried my theory and it does not seem to work, pick up my book and hit them with it. That always works!” We all laughed and nodded in agreement. We just have to do the best we can. Sometime we need to scream and shout as both we and the other person just aren’t ready to respond to a more loving approach. That is why the title of the poem is “Oh to learn.” I had my temper tantrum this week in spite of good intentions. Tomorrow is another day. hugs, pat


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