Sacred Gardens

Quintal* bursting with
fruit, flowers, rows of vegetables,
lines of coffee plants,
hanging clusters of bananas
eyed by eager monkeys,
hummingbirds, butterflies,
floresta visitors who share
the bounty we gather to give
to families in need.

To share food is to share love.
To share the beauty of the garden
is to nourish the eye, body and soul.
The animals come, take, and slip
away, knowing they are welcome here.

I bless the quintal each morning
and ask that all who eat this food
know the Oneness of us all,
that all who come, be here in peace,
and that we live in harmony.

And so it is.


My home and *quintal (Portuguese for area larger than a yard surrounding one’s home) sits in front of a large floresta. We are a game preserve and I have planted many foods and fruits that the animals and birds like so have many visitors each day. Living so closely with nature has taught me so much. Many of my poems use themes from nature and the fact that we all are One.


Submitted to Monday Writing Prompt: Gardening
Victoria Ceretto-Slotto


  1. Oh, Pat, this is so lush and Spirit-filled. I loved learning a bit more about Brazil and the flora and fauna that surrounds you. So very glad you joined the prompt today. Blessings.


    • Brazil is a very special country and I love living here. I did not know that you offered challenges but saw it on someone else’s site. Glad I did! Hugs, pat


    • Hi, Chris, I will see if I can post some pictures of the various critters that visit. I am not sure of the spelling of their names but here goes; quati (a little larger than a raccoon with a different face but similar tail. They love fruit and often come with the monkeys who share the work of gathering the fruit.), ant eaters, wolves, various sizes of floresta cat family including onça which looks like a leopard, jaguars, and smaller wild cats that are different than domestic), lantra (long weasel shaped animal), armadillo, snakes including one that lives here in the bamboo that is in the boa constrictor family. She is beautiful, non-aggressive and very welcome as she eats rats, other snakes, of which we have many! and occasionally, birds, unfortunately. There are various animals in the mouse-like family, and many different kinds of birds, some that are native, others that migrate through here. I have hundreds of butterflies as my garden is organic, thus the name of the house: Casa dos Borboletas. These are only a few of the animals that I can think of right now. I have walked the jungles here alone for nine years, met many animals, and never had a problem with any. I have even had the monkeys warn me of a snake in my path on two occasions. I am well protected by Spirit. I always ask permission before entering the floresta and ask for protection and to be taught the wisdom of the floresta. There is an energy here that is very unique. Everyone comments about it, even those who do not normally pay attention to these things.


      • I really like the idea of asking permission and the sense of safety that you experience. It reminds me of the relationship our Native Americans had with nature.


  2. Nature in every fullness..
    Wonderfully woven leaves of time….
    I wish to be a part of this quintal too knowing there is all welcome..but distance halts thy thought!
    I loved this one..
    Sacred, this quintal is…even more, your verses are..! Let’s install oneness in not just nature and fauna, but in man over all..


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