First Rain


Cleansing, healing, refreshing
first rain after months of none
trees budding, baby birds with
mouths open wide,
brittle grasses sigh in relief.

The cycle begins again.
I awake to the sweet smell
of the floresta bathed in
the night’s storm. A sense
of renewal, hope, faith
fulfilled, lifts my spirit
fills me with gratitude
and an eagerness to
begin again.

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Pat’s Ponderings — Why Create

baby smiling

Some believe life was created by an Intelligent Force;this is why we have a need to create, a compelling desire to bring forth.

How does creativity function? Where do the ideas come from? Why do we use different ways to create — music, art,, gardening, dance, etc.?

Some create from a very earl age, others began later in life. All very interesting, yet the questions remains, why did God create us, to what purpose?

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All There Is


Because we can not
comprehend this Force
we call “God,” we assign
human attributes to our
concept, yet in doing so,
it diminishes our understanding
of that which is limitless.

God, this Matrix of energy, is not
angry, does not require vengeance,
does not need us to humble ourselves
to Him…it. He does not forgive
for he does not judge (a lesson for us, too.)

God and any name assigned
can not be described
Source is all that exists;
this has always been so
and always will be. Amen.

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Be the Bee


I am the flower
also the bee
I am you
and also me
for all is Source
don’t you see?

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Rainy Days

rainy day

Sometimes life seems
like a game God made
on rainy afternoon.
Those of us who wanted
to play chose a character
to become…some wearing
white hats, others choosing
to be the bad guys.

Epic sagas generation after
generation, the game goes on.
When will the check mate occur?

And then what happens…
game over, story ends?
Do we all go back to
Source and wait for
another rainy day?

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No Human Soul


The soul is not human;
it is Divine
connecting with
the entire matrix
of our Creator.

The soul has no lessons
to learn; it is perfect
love energy incapable
of errors.

That which you call me
is this soul temporarily
experiencing life on Earth
as an imperfect human being.

All souls are part of Source,
and, like a hologram, are complete
Source in every way, perfect in
their entirety.

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The Answer


All over the world
people are being given
pieces of the truth
in the symbols and language
of their culture. To say
one group has THE answer
is naive, arrogant even,
for each of us are being led,
guided, taught in a way that is
best for where we are.

We must respect each other’s
form of searching, for each
must find what works for them
at any given time.

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