Different Tastes

cow patties--cookies

I wonder how
someone can not love
something that I love.
What must a piece of chocolate
taste like in their mouth
for them to find it disagreeable?
I wonder why my puppy enjoys the
flavor of a cow patty–old and dry
or fresh and warm? I wonder why
people hate each other.
What is it about us that makes
us judge another, comdem them
with our thoughts, words and actions?
How is it that we can love
humanity and hate people?


Cow-patty Cookies Recipe


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The Mind of God


Slowly I brush
my pencil across
the nap of the paper.
The sphere takes shape
as I shade its form
to reflect its contours
of light and shadows.

It is an exercise that
allows my mind to shift
into the Force, into the
womb of serenity. What
is this state of being
where all external
fades away? My essence
is revealed in its purity
free of the shackles of its
temporary earthly experience.

I move in spirals, ever closer
to the Light
past the stars
further than forever.
My being expands,
covering all that is
integrating with the Divine
until I exist only
in the mind of God.

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Cluster of grapes
warmed by the sun
each globe in its royal hue
kissed by my lips
as I slowly savor
their delicate flavor

How beautiful our Creator
has made this fruit, each
piece nestled with its brother
all connected to its stem
of Life. Each piece separate
yet part of the whole.

How often this plan is
revealed in nature,
individuals together
forming groups.

Do grapes argue, make war,
always want more? No, they do not.
How is it that in the final part
of my life, I prefer to live alone
in the florista so far from where
I was born? I am at peace, surrounded
by Mother’s bounty, connected to
the stem of Life, now a part of
the cluster of All.

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Today, tomorrow, forever
how long is eternity?
Universes extending
into universes
some ideas are too big
to fit into this little brain;
it simply shuts down
refuses to think about it.

God’s love of us all
is one of those big ideas that
I can’t get my hands around.
To love all unconditionally,
how can this be?
When I consider how
fragile is my ability to love
compared to God’s,
it seems less than
even a sparkle from a star.
Yet I offer it,
imperfect though my love be,
to my Creator and to all
who comes from him,
air, earth and sea.

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Renewing the Connection

buckle my shoe

One, two buckle my shoe
three, four out the door
another day of traffic
seems like that’s how
life goes.

Now I start my day
with a few moments
of peace, connecting
with Source, giving
thanks for all I have.
Throughout the day
scattered like rose petals
I pause to renew this
connection, to remember
why I am here
who I am
and how grateful I am
for whatever comes my
way, knowing all are lessons
to help me grow, to become
who I truly am.

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A What?


What noise do I hear?
There is a cat by my door.
Good grief, it’s a frog!

Life in the jungle
Always it’s an adventure
Faint-hearted beware!

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Can you love me
with all my faults?
Am I good enough
pretty enough
smart enough
rich enough?

Child, no one is loved
for their beauty, money
or because of their perfection.
Love comes from kindness
compassion, integrity
generosity of the spirit.
Love comes when love
is given unconditionally,
purely, without expectation.

Love does not have to be earned.
Love, true love
simply is.

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