What We Need

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Actual photos of some of the growing thousands who are homeless in the US while their homes sit locked and stolen by greed.


What do we really need?
Food, shelter, clean air
and water are essentials. How
is it that in this abundant
world, these basics line in ruin?

Food contaminated with GMOs, chemicals,
depleted soils, undrinkable water.
The air we breathe lessened by
destruction of forests, pollution,
chem trails designed to leave us sterile
and diseased. Our water purposely
infused with health destructive
chemicals, contaminated by our wastes,
overgrown by harmful organisms.

Thousands are homeless as banks
steal homes, people lose jobs and
economies continue planned downward spirals.

Civil liberties we took for granted
have been stripped by the lies of our
captors. Work is our enslavement as our
money has little value.

People, stop and think before it is
too late. Create a call to action
where you are live and work. Arm
yourself with the Light and Love
or our Creator. Then join hands and
resist in loving non-obedience.

Take back our world, clean it up,
create a planet of love. We have all
we need to do this…justice, the might
of our Creator, and us joined across
the globe in billions. The time is now.

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Please take action to ensure our children will have a safe, beautiful world in which to live.


Death is but a transition;
we all make it some day.
I will not fear this
part of life, nor use it
as an excuse for not
taking action when I see a
wrong committed.

I carry the banner of truth,
the Light of Love is my sword;
my Creator leads the way and
guards my every step. Will you
not march with me to battle
for life so dear? As we go
forth, millions will joins us,
creating a world based on compassion
and love; peace forever more.

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Dialogue with God

Talking with God
over the backyard fence,
sharing gardening tips
and recipes for life. I
offer a cup of coffee, He
offers me eternal life,
a fair exchange on this
sunny day full of butterflies
and possibilities.

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Big Red Bow

I put my teeth in a glass of water
by my bed, like my grandmother
so many years before. My glasses
are on top of my book, my cane
rests next to my chair. I lie
in bed listening to the clock
tick my life away. I am
peaceful now, past the storms
of life for the most part, ready
to go but willing to stay. These
are good years when time slows
giving me time to savor my life,
each moment a gift tied up in a big red bow.


For those of you who think that all poetry is autobiographical, I do not keep my teeth in a glass of water by my bed, nor do I use a cane. However, I do savor my life and it is a wonderful gift wrapped up in a big red bow! lol, hugs, pat

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The Hero

They’re off, sprinters charge,
one easily leads the pack,
another bursts forth to take
the lead when something
ruptures in his knee.
He screams in pain and
crashes like a mighty tree.

At that moment frozen in time,
the lead runner knows the sweet
taste of victory; the much needed
scholarship is his. At the same instant,
he knows that his injured brother is
desperately poor and without
help, can not continue his studies.

Slow motion decision with rapid
speed, the victor swoops up the fallen
as if he were a child and passes the
finish line before the others. He
gently lays his friend on the ground,
their tears mixing in love. It’s a tie,
he proclaims to the judges. The
scholarship will go to both of the young
men, but more important is the lesson won.

We can claim no victory for ourselves
as long as there is one person who needs
help. The race does not end until all
cross the finish line.

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Shape-changing Clouds

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Shape-changing clouds
never repeating
endlessly painting the sky
with designs and colors
that delight
giving me pause
to again consider
the wonders all around us
if only we stop to see

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