Not a Dime!

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Baby bear
stocking feet
give a smile
to all you meet

Nonsensical poems that rhyme
are a total waste of time.
I’ve tried a few but find,
mine ain’t worth a dime!

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Value of a Poem


Baby bears
stocking feet
give a smile
to all you meet

Nonsensical poem with rhyme
total waste of my time
I’ve tried, oh yes, I’ve tried
but mine ain’t worth a dime!


A childhood song that flashed through my mind this morning. Odd after almost 70 years to remember this and wonderful to find it on the Internet!

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Corn-on-the Cob

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Eating corn-on-the-cob
can be an art
carefully consuming row after row
although some randomly
gobble it up.

Perhaps this is a metaphor
for how we approach life.
Do we gobble or pick and choose?
Is one “better” than the other?

Do I have too much time
on my hands to ponder
the art of eating corn?

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Yet, What If….

cross species mating

Mary had a little lamb
and all the doctors fainted.
This childhood joke fascinates
me as I ponder the possibilities
of cross-species mating — mules
to Rosemary’s Baby, now cloning, genetic
modification, super race intermating
alien seeding make me wonder why
there is so much speculation about this.

But it is a mostly hidden topic;
we are horrified at the idea
what if…


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Which Door?


Be careful which door you open
who…or what you invite
into your life.
This is not a game,
but an insidious affair
that lures us with sweet temptations
adventure, mystery and power
in exchange for our souls.

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Pigs in a Pen


Pigs in a pen
rooster with a hen
jello that shakes
Mama bakes a cake
all is well
with farmer-in-the-dell

The best thing about
childhood memories
is that I can brush them
off and enjoy
the sweet ones
forgiving all others
filling my day with sunshine

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Try Again


Try again
another day
renewed resolve
let failure be stepping stones
lessons on what not to do

When does determination
become hard-headedness?
Knowing when to try again
or wait for a better time
is a judgement call
made with intuitive guidance.

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