Falling Down


Falling down
getting up
again and again.
At first I’m applauded
for courage and persistence.

Falling down
getting up
until finally
someone asks,
“why do you keep
falling down?”

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One day, boys
next day, dolls
roller coaster days
of giggles and tears
tragedy to euphoria
beginning of adolescence
signals a time
of confusion to all
yet it also holds
experiences that
become favorite
memories for a lifetime.

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No banana, avocado, too
many calories
pass the potato chips.
just a pot-head
pour me another drink, please

I have no time
to help my neighbor
Saturday’s the day
I play golf

In a world where
football players are heroes
and teachers are underpaid,
one must wonder at our
and self-deception

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Pat’s Pondering — Redemption


We may not like someone, but the Divine spark within each deserves respect,” something I was taught so many years ago. Yet when I read about someone who feeds on violence and depravity, killing, torturing again and again, I wonder if it is true that all have this light or does it become extinguished in those who wish no redemption. Yet I continue to pray for them for it seems they need our prayers most of all.

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Lies We Believe, Edition #2

11. The media tells the truth.
12. The media tells the truth, for the most part.
13. Politicians have our best interest at heart.
14. Our religion is the “right” religion.
15. Collateral damage is not murder.
16. The death penalty is necessary at times.
17. It is right to kill people to teach them that democracy is best.
18. What we learn at school is relevant in our lives.
19. Voting ensures that democracy is practiced.
20. Democracy is the best system.
21. Democracy is possible.
22. Religious war is not an oxymoron.
24. Violent movies and video games are not harmful.
25. Rock stars and sports heroes should make millions, teachers should not.

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Lies We Believe

#1 It is selfish to think of our needs first.
#2 What we imagine is not real.
#3 We are sinners.
#4 God is wrathful.
#5 We are limited in what we can do.
#6 We are unworthy, not good enough.
#7 Multiple dimensions do not exist.
#8 Killing is justified at times.
#9 Animals do not have souls.
#10 We cannot communicate with plants, animals, and each other with our minds.

And worst—there are no fairies, angels, unicorns, gnomes, no Santa Clause, or tooth fairy!

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Rainforest News #33

Drummer beats the drum.
Drunk beats his wife and children.
Give the drunk a drum.


Ballerina spins.
Why does she dance on her toes?
She flies through the air!


All day suckers last
Often for a lifetime for some.
Don’t be a sucker!

Children’s Wisdom #3
A boy watching his mom break an egg into a cup before using it asks:
“Why do some chickens lay rotten eggs?”


Support your right to arm bears! Cleveland Armory

Makes more sense to me!


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