Just Pretend


Pretending does not

make it so

except with smiles

which trigger


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4 x 4 Love


Four letters tells all

We all need love

It is pure magic

It open all doors

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What Needs Lifting

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A plastic surgeon
offered to lift my face.
Why would I want a young
face on this grandmotherly body?
If he lifted all that needs
lifting, I would be eight feet tall.

I am quite content to be as I am.
Each wrinkle, sag, grey hair
a badge for surviving life’s
inevitable woes
like the scars of battle
the warrior hero displays.

How is it that we value
youth to the point
of devaluing elders?
Does my aging face
offend so much
I must submit to a blade?

Rather, let us rethink
our values, giving respect
to each phase of life.

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Letting Go

bird in hand
When God wants
something done
it happens.
Learning to
“Let Go and Let God”
is difficult
until we understand
that we have no control,
anyway. The relief of
letting go fills us
with peace, knowing
God is ever by our side.

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God’s Grace


The grace of God
extends to all
unlimited, undeserved
bestowed through love.

G athering all the parts of God
R eaching out in our hour of need
A ccepting us just as we are
C reating peace where there is disharmony
E ach receiving God’s grace in our hour of need

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I Will Come to You


Meet me half-way
but if you can not
I will come to you.

Let no barrier divide us
neither anger nor sorrow.
My sister, my brother
joined together through
the love of our Creator.

Reach out your hand
and I will, too. But
if you can not,
I will come to you.

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If Only…

heart light1.

If only I could love
and never know prejudice
hate and fear.
I need a magic button
that changes negative
thoughts to love.

You have this, Dear One.
I gave it to you and called it
your heart;
put your focus there and
love pours forth
bringing Light to all.

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