Something to Think About #5


I had Christmas yesterday; a man came to clean my water tank who knew how to repair all those niggly little jobs that I can not do myself. As he cheerfully went from chore to chore, I sighed with relief as my leaky faucet was fixed, light bulbs too high were changed, antenna straightened, door stopper installed…the list seemed endless.

How wonderful to be a handyman, I thought. Maybe that’s what I’ll be when I grow up. I’ll go door-to-door and offer to help with little jobs you can not do–sew buttons on, visit you when you are blue, send you a funny card, give you a ride to town, spend the night at the hospital when you’re sick, share the surplus fruit and vegetables from my yard, etc.,  I will leave you with a smile each time I see you and a hug as I’m on my way.

Come to think of it, I’m already a handyman, bringing a little “Christmas cheer” to all I meet along the way.

I think about how different our lives would be if we all gave a helping hand when needed. It need not be a huge thing…just something someone needed that you can do, done with love and laughter.

Won’t you be a “handyman” when you grow up?


  1. wonder if he;’d come to my house too! … I feel that way when my cleaner does her job (I am working 3 jobs at the moment and a few weeks ago I asked someone if she could come every 2weeks for 2hrs … clean floors do make me happy when I don’t do it myself)


  2. Wonderful way of expressing this. I, too, know the relief and Christmas-y feeling when all those pesky things get fixed that I don’t know how to fix 🙂 That’s what it must feel like to others when we “handyman” them in our own ways. This was a great reminder!

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  3. Yes, it doesn’t really take that much to give a little smile and some laughter to someone by just reaching out a hand. Lovely post Pat (‘handyman’ in training….still 🙂 )


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