Will’s Page

Introducing Will’s Page, which will be stories about Will, a prisoner on Death Row, as well as poems he has sent me over the years. I have been writing Will for several years and it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.  Here is one of his poems:

Time is the way we walk.
Though fears and emotions
change our course
the journey of life is what brings
us to our destiny.

Will is not an educated man, but his 12 years on Death Row have taught him much. He is amazingly grateful and so positive. Our letters are mostly me writing and him commenting on what I write. Our letters are censored so he tells me very little about his life in prison, just bits and pieces. We talk about his life before he went to prison; I share my life with him in a slice of life details. I hope you enjoy these tidbits that I will share with you for writing Will every week has taught me so much about his resiliency and about how much I take my privileged life for granted.

Please feel free to leave messages to Will and I will send them to him.