Will’s Page

Introducing Will’s Page, which will be stories about Will, a prisoner on Death Row, as well as poems he has sent me over the years. I have been writing Will for several years and it has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.  Here is one of his poems:

Time is the way we walk.
Though fears and emotions
change our course
the journey of life is what brings
us to our destiny.

Will is not an educated man, but his 12 years on Death Row have taught him much. He is amazingly grateful and so positive. Our letters are mostly me writing and him commenting on what I write. Our letters are censored so he tells me very little about his life in prison, just bits and pieces. We talk about his life before he went to prison; I share my life with him in a slice of life details. I hope you enjoy these tidbits that I will share with you for writing Will every week has taught me so much about his resiliency and about how much I take my privileged life for granted.

Please feel free to leave messages to Will and I will send them to him.



Will is a humble man. Perhaps Death Row has made him so. He never makes excuses for what he did, although there are some he could make. He speaks of what happened very little and with much regret. Mostly, his letters are comments on what I am writing, telling me very little about his day-to-day life. Our letters are censored so perhaps this is why. Or perhaps the same drabness of his world doesn’t seem worth writing about. I share with him things like the technology that has come about since he was imprisoned. Having recently returned from a 14-year stay in Brazil, it is easy to share with him all the many things that have changed since we were “here.” He loves hearing about changes in car design, smartphone technology, Internet expansion of what is now available to us, etc. Here is another of Will’s poems.

Will’s Poem 2

My mind is free
my body is caged
I loved to roam
out on the range
where the grass is green
and the birds do sing
where the sky is blue
the sun always beams

But when the night arrives
and the moon is high
sleep will come
and give me a ride
sometimes in a car
sometimes on a bike
but always from night
to night, drifting, turning
driving so fun

Maybe tonight, I’ll go
on a race trade run
I truly love when my
dreams give me a thrill
but I fear the day
when my mind
will fall still.

The life I lived seemed
not of my control
through good times
and bad times
my life seemed to roll

I tried to do things
by my own hand
destiny, it seems
had a grand plan
before I could
learn of my true fate
my ending became
the thing I could not

Though the sun’s light
touches my skin
the feeling of freedom
never reaches
my heart

The regret I have
for the things
I have done
never brings me
peace for the people
I’ve wronged.

Will’s Poem 3

The darkness of this life
surrounds my soul
keeping me here
in this little bowl

I sit here and wait
for that beam of Light
that will break through
with such great might
finding me here
with love so bold
releasing me from
Dark’s everlasting hold

Will’s Poem 4

The dreams I had
never took flight
though I worked and struggled
to bring them to the Light
time and time again
they did not
come out right

It has become
clear to me
this person
I tried to be
is someone
I will never
get to be