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Child of Tears

I cry at just the thought of you a song, fragrance the tiniest things are all I have left. Seasons turn cold mountains remain trees breathe, stand sentinel and hold their stories as I wander beneath their boughs lost in … Continue reading

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Cry More

Blessed is he who cries a lot watering the garden like summer rains. He whose tears glisten on his cheeks knows the sun will come and grow the flowers watered by he who cries rain-tears from both sadness and joy.

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I feel empty, hollow separated from Source like a silent flute with no air no sounds come out silent in my longing. Any lover apart from his beloved, knows what I’m saying. You can’t see silence nor hear its message … Continue reading

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Tears and More Tears

Tears slipping, sliding, gushing no need to hold them back let them flow in joy or sorrow Fountain of Healing

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