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Your Intuition

Pay attention to your intuition, if it does not feel right, it’s not. What is intuition but that guidance Divine which speaks to your soul? But how do I know intuition from desire? Intuition is free of wants it has … Continue reading

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The Transparent Man

The transparent man comes in a box all of his parts you can see except for one the manufacturer left out his soul that lives through eternity

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Soul Silence

The soul lives in the silence between breaths. It needs no reason for being it just is. One by one I’m letting go of projects and activities that use to fill my day too full learning how to be in … Continue reading

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Final Frontier

Mind more than brain than cellular memory able to be projected to transcend time is mind and soul the same? Where is the dividing line of this last frontier?

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Mother of Serenity

Truth is the mother of serenity while lies trouble the heart. No lies are white even the smallest corrupts speak your truth and let those who hear know you will not compromise your soul for their approval.

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