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How Long?

How long until I’m just a memory when even that fades away nothing left but a faded photo old book of poems and the ripples that I left behind

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Soul to Soul

Let every step be an act of worship every breath a prayer Let the words of my mouth decend into my heart may the transmission to others be from soul to soul

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Beatle Cure

Bubbles, beads, beautiful, bangles piled high in a jewelry box paint for fingers and toes rings for fingers and nose we decorate ourselves like a Christmas tree. Tattoos, braids, expensive clothes hottest car, biggest house puff ourselves up like a … Continue reading

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Liberated Woman

I am a liberated woman; I worked hard to be free. The cost was high the lesson dear for in gaining my independence something was lost. Freedom without mutual respect is not freedom at all. When there is respect for … Continue reading

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Beyond Duality

Everything contains it opposite in the realm of duality hate and love joy and sorrow wise and foolish Look at both sides to know who you are in this world of illusion Then look at who you are without duality

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Hard to be Humble

My head is full of all I have ever known and all I will never know perhaps a bit of humility is in order

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Foot in the Mouth

The baby puts her foot in her mouth–how cute. I put my foot in my mouth and look like a fool. The flexibility of youth turned rigid with age.

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