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Try again and again. Each time builds strength all falls are lessons. You know this already you learned how to walk didn’t you? There’s an art to knowing when to try again and when to give up sometimes God says … Continue reading

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Aware, Accept, Adapt

Aware of what must be changed I can ignore no longer blaming others, shouting curses. There comes a time when I can only accept the inevitable and adapt with good judgement and peace Yet how we resist sitting on the … Continue reading

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Not Today

Not today maybe tomorrow not ready maybe soon surrender? Not yet for I have much to do not yet gotta’ run here and there not time, you see not today maybe tomorrow

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The Story

The story tells of the One Who Is All creating what is required to experience all possibilities. In this creation He placed ongoing universes populating them with all that is needed for every contingency each a thought of the Divine … Continue reading

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Happy Faces

Where is my happy face nowhere to be found have to face the day with a frown at least until someone gives me their happy face at which time mine will return.

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I am grateful for those of you who cannot love me for it shows me how much we all need to be loved how compassion often is the first step to learning how to love from the soul.

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A Better Way

I learn a lot by difficult times but only if I choose to. Do we need hard times to learn to love? My world fell apart everyone I loved died. All I had was taken away illness consumed me yet … Continue reading

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