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At Last Free

He who recognizes this world of illusion becomes desireless finding peace in the existence of nothing neither bound nor free pure consciousness still free of contemplation finally rid of circles of thinking at last free

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Only You

Your ignorance creates universes setting up make-believe worlds until you understand there is no person or god other than You.

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No Gain, No Loss

You have nothing to gain or lose You do not need to “grow” or “become” for you are , have always been will be until the end of time. Do you hear this bell of truth?

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Be the Sea

Mourn not the body which, after all is only a worldly shell. It comes, lingers, goes. The self neither comes nor goes remaining constant Be the ocean not the waves which rise and fall moving in and out with the … Continue reading

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Be Only Awareness

I am awareness not my body nor fancy car clever words tale of woe I am only awareness timeless witness free, serene free of duality at peace I am not my mind I am consciousness itself changeless undivided Release personal … Continue reading

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False Trappings

He who chases this world’s treasures find’s only fool’s gold and bondage. Let these false trappings become an aversion for liberation. Do you recognize truth when you see it? Now do as you please.

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Beware of Clutter

Beware of a cluttered intellect constantly searching hopping from one religion to another on this theory, douctrine, philosophy like a frog on a hot sidewalk. Truth is not complicated does not have to be studied. Let your mind be like … Continue reading

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