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Social Media

Social media replacing real relationships or providing a certain anonymity that gives us courage to speak of our fears, hopes, dreams to say, “I love you” without being embarrassed to delete easily all that we do not want instead of … Continue reading

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A ccept that alone is an illusion based on fear L et others into your heart O ur souls are connected to all creation N ow and forever more you are part of the Creator E ach fear brings an … Continue reading

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Up and Down

Up, up, up down, down, down my emotional highs and lows are not who I am although they are part of me Then, who am I? who is this me? I wonder why we even need to ask this question. … Continue reading

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Pointing the Finger

Pointing at you keeps the finger off of me. Not my fault my favorite lie playing a game deceiving myself only lasts a short time then I always see those three fingers pointing at me

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What We Worship

Money gaining and losing value why do we worship such a fickle commodity easily manipulated by greed and corruption all the while ignoring the advice of our forefathers: In God We Trust

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The Bath

Take a bath soap, steam, shampoo wash away the day’s grime sweet baby fresh I start anew. Life can be as simple as we wish.

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No More Princess

No more princess spoiled woman I’ve been taken down a notch or two seen how the others live been given a big lesson in humility struggling with it though knowing others must be elevated rather than me being lowered

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