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I am my bogeyman filling my mind with “what-ifs.” Fear is my master rattling bones night and day not understanding that I can change this when I am ready so I stay locked in this tale of woe. This story … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Muslim or Jew. If you hate your brother you have a lot of work to do. God made us all not just a few. Do not think religion gives you an excuse to fail … Continue reading

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Only You

Your ignorance creates universes setting up make-believe worlds until you understand there is no person or god other than You.

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When We Pray

When we pray do not pray to a god-out-there but rather to the Divine within asking that the qualities in us that belong to our Creator be manifested through us.

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Uncertainty leeches joy and peace faith eludes us at times robs us of serenity We create stories of daunting possibilities scare ourselves with what-ifs Deliver me from self-imposed uncertainty a need for drama and a reluctance to believe what my … Continue reading

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Know Thyself

Ignorance of self causes desire for illusion therefore seek to know who you are leaving the gathering of smokey desires to those not yet ready to leave this world of illusion.

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My God

My God is not wrathful; vengeance is the path of the dark. My God does not punish for we punish ourselves enough with our wayward ways. Why would the Creator destroy that which He creates? Can He not make us … Continue reading

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