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I nevitably give lessons L ast until we figure it out L ets us stop our lives and ponder N ot a punishment but a gift E ach illness a pause in life S ickness breeds reevaluation S eek that … Continue reading

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My Only Prayer

I only have on prayer these days It goes like this, “Thank-you, God.” No matter how much I add to it, the thought remains the same. No matter what else I try to be or say it funnels down to gratitude … Continue reading

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Just Wait

If you do not like someone wait patiently. Give that person time to grow into your expectation remembering God has a plan for each of us which ultimately is for us to be a source of abundant love.

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Going Back to Get It

Today I forgot it had to go back to get it. I carry it everywhere check it for messages regularly. Keep it handy in case of emergencies. Why did cell phones replace our holy books?

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Talkin’ to God

People roll their eyes when I say I talk to God. They call the boys in the white coats when I say God talks to me. But it’s true that I have long conversations with God. We talk about many … Continue reading

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How You Start the Day

  Did you watch the sunrise this morning painting the sky with rose, gold and purple? Did you see the dew draped spider webs smell the scent of jasmine in the air? Did you start your day with a prayer … Continue reading

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Finding Your Shame

Some must fall all the way to the bottom feeling guilty only when they get caught. Find your shame do not let it hide for only when you own the dark deed can you let it go. God is merciful … Continue reading

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