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Faith self-deception or surrender? trust in the Divine or the ultimate illusion?

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Remember the good things you have done they will give you courage Remember the blessings you have received they will give you faith Remember that love is the answer to all and you will have the secret of life

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Just Waiting

I feel like I am waiting for what I do not know. There is no “good or bad” to this–just waiting with patient expectation that what comes will be right for me.

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Yet to Find

What is a religion but what man has created seeking explanation for questions unanswered Rituals, doctrines professions of faith tools to explain that which can not be explained Religion also offers refuge to our need to belong not feel isolated … Continue reading

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Hope or Hopeless?

Sometimes hope is all we have our faith is wobbly fear creeps in yet we can always hope until we are firm once again H elps us get through bad times O pens our hearts to possibilities P rayer can … Continue reading

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Do I Believe?

I believe What is belief but hope which somehow seems less certain I want to believe I need to believe yet sometimes a niggley voice within whispers, “yeah, but…” “what if…” “maybe…” Few people who declare will admit to having … Continue reading

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Patience in Adversity

Be patient in adversity seek the Lord in prayer ask for guidance then do as you are shown. Great is God’s mercy trust the wisdom of ups and downs gratitude paves the way. Surrender to God’s will learning from all … Continue reading

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