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Listen to the Music

I hear music faint, high and lilting music drifting like a fragrance of lilacs in the wind From where does this celestial melody come angels’ song or imagination unrestrained I dance to music only I can hear skirts and hair … Continue reading

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Memories Faded

The creative mind invents memories merging dreams, desires past deeds, and fears leaving our memories a patchwork quilt of what may or may not have happened yet we swear that it really did.

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Sleep time of mystery where do we go? Are our dreams only nocturnal fantasies or do we explore other fantastic dimensions? Oh that I would know where I go in the dream world other world possibilities.

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Shadows of Desire

Among the shadows of desire the dreamer dreams of his love the singer sings of his poets write sonnets filled with forevers The old ones remember sweet times so long ago then quietly slip away leaving only brief memories

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D evelop our imagination R each beyond our self-limitations E voke the power within A lways dream bigger M ake your dreams come true S end us into the world of possibilities

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