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Not Me

There is this body it is not me. There is this mind it is not me either. Is this “knowing” me? I am awareness alone luminous, still, free without need substance of the Divine permanent formless, free of illusion serenity.

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Reflections #17

How does God know–intimately know the billions of life forms much less insignificant me? Talk to God…such an arrogant idea yet I sense a connection deep within to that from which I come. Is it true that we are tiny … Continue reading

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A Separate Being

I am a separate being; like no other, I stand alone. Suffering and fear is my lot. The world is a constant threat. I am connected to All, a Light on the grid of life each being is part of … Continue reading

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Just Me

There is only me filling universes existing but not living only with others can we see our borders

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The Mind of God

Slowly I brush my pencil across the nap of the paper. The sphere takes shape as I shade its form to reflect its contours of light and shadows. It is an exercise that allows my mind to shift into the … Continue reading

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Mystery of Mysteries

The Divine Presence within man is the mystery of mysteries. Unfathomable is the idea of God within us– imperfect mankind. Yet we experience this inner whisper, this silent knowing, this universal longing, a need to return to Source, salmons swimming upstream … Continue reading

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Who I AM

I AM consciousness within everything, your life-giving breath, the creative Force within you. I AM your thoughts your inspiration; there is no separation between us nor will there ever be. It is I who drives you on, creates the longing … Continue reading

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