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Changing Our Feelings

When our feelings dominate, their irregular vibrations distort causing us to lose firmness. To overcome this, we must raise up our vibrations… past the peak of our emotions. How to do this has stood behind the veil. The secret is … Continue reading

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Non-Demanding Source

Our Creator gives and never demands. His strength and patience is infinite. We are free to accept or refuse for in the end, all return to the Light, each taking the path of his choice.

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The Sky is Falling

The world did not end, what should I do? Prophesies, conspiracies, corruption, deceit, a stew of such proportion that realities and truths are left to the changing moment. I suppose I will buy a new calendar and restock my kitchen, … Continue reading

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New World #9–Crystals

In Atlantis, knowledge was stored in crystals, downloaded directly to the mind. Current methods of teaching and learning are archaic and ineffective. Our minds sluggish, slow to remember. Let’s envision fully functioning minds performing at dazzling speeds, thinking, creating, manifesting. … Continue reading

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What we imagine is not real; how many “truths” do we blindly accept, never questioning their validity? I pass into different spaces where there is no time. I walk suspended between what’s called “real,” and dimensions where all possibilities lie. … Continue reading

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