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All Powerful

Are demons real or a construct of our fear and anger? Do they have power over us? Can we bid them to harm others or protect us? What is this world of darkness? Where does it come from? Tales abound … Continue reading

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Supermarket Spirituality

Supermarket spirituality rush right out and buy books, videos, the latest guru. It is a long road home. We can not rush ourselves into enlightenment whatever that means. Go slowly, my friend do not give up desires of this world … Continue reading

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I, the Groundhog

Am I the groundhog who, upon seeing my shadow slinks back into the gloom six more weeks of winter six months, six years stuck in my life not open to change unable to let go of my shadow self? No, … Continue reading

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Inside or Outside?

Lead in pencils cherry cream in chocolate Mardi Gras mask of happiness heart drowning in tears inside, outside which is real?

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Our Prison

We sit in our jail cell complaining about being prisoners ignoring the open door that beckons us to freedom.

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Heavy Load

I didn’t know that I was carrying a heavy load until it was gone. Light is my heart for the love of my Creator has removed this burden leaving me full of joy and love. Serenity is a blessing.

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Joy in My Heart

There is immeasurable joy in my heart. I’m singing all day long dancing in moonbeams rejoicing in sunshine riding the wave of happiness with immeasurable joy in my heart.

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