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Steps of Life #12–Seed of Love

Oh, the pain of being enslaved to our passions, blinded by our denial. Life dulled by our addictions, spoiled by resentment. When does this misery end? There is more to life than bondage, tears and grief. Awaken to love, leave … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #11–A Place to Hide

I need a new place to hide from this world of sorrow and woe. My haunts no longer offer shelter for I see them for what they are. Too long I sought to hide from life, filling my mind, time, … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #10 — Cautious Commitments

Before we enter in a commitment with God, ourselves, or another, we must consider carefully if we will be able to keep this vow. Clarity regarding the boundaries of the promise must be defined and guarded. A broken commitment is … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #9–Broken Promises

********************************* Their shadows fall on you blocking the sun of life. Woe be to you whose unkept promises hide the light of love. Vows lie broken at your feet; your conscience weeps with guilt. Can you not see that your … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #8

The Steps of Life poems are based on the 12 Step programs. Step #8: We made a list of all the persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all. ************************************* Careless Wrongs How often we … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #7 –Self-Destructive Behavior

The first step to change is admitting there is a problem. We must stop doing that which is self-destructive. How often we sabatoge ourselves, knowing well what we do: procrastinate, act without thinking, over indulge in eating, become addicted to … Continue reading

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Steps of Life #6–The Committee

The committee calls me; I stand accused, condemned, filled with sorrow, guilt, and regret. On and on they read my transgressions when finished start again. What I would give to banish them from my mind completely, to know peace, true … Continue reading

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