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Greatest Gift

What can I give God who has given me so much yea, even my very life a gift so profound as to be worthy of He who has made all: I will give Him my love for surely love is … Continue reading

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Love Is Unselfish

Love is unselfish never insisting on its own way even willing to give up what is theirs by rights not for reward but out of sheer love Because, love is the greatest gift one can bestow on another even as … Continue reading

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Love Is Courteous

Love is courteous in little things, big ones, too Love is never rude for it knows courtesy smoothes the way.

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Say Nothing

Love knows humility Do your beautiful work sit quietly and say nothing about it Love does not boast nor is it arrogant Love hides even from itself

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No Envy

Love does not envy It shows us there is no need for competition Life is not a contest for who is the richest smartest, most beautiful Love without envy always being grateful for all you have

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Love Is Generous

Love is generous. Be generous in all you do. Give with a loving heart for to do less negates the deed.

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Afraid to Love

Do not be reluctant to love for fear of being hurt because to live a life without love is the greatest hurt of all

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