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Bees Wax

Bees wax candles golden honey pollinating fields yet they continue to die filled with our greed Bee by bee mother nature is dying and with her he who causes her demise Wake-up, people rise up and stop destroying life even … Continue reading

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Which Recipe?

Maybe soon almost perhaps I’ll try recipe for failure Certainly right now gladly a cake of success

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The Taker

What’s in it for me? This question negates the gift. A taker’s disguise

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Math Question

When does subtracting become adding? When you give with a generous heart. He who gives with love draws from a well that never runs dry for generosity lasts until the sweet by and by.

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My Cup of Tea

Not my cup of tea you see, just not for me better ways to waste my time than watching no-brain TV

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I’m Certain

I’m certain it’s an absolute not going to change my mind don’t even whisper the word maybe too late now again I am not sure

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Tell the Truth

Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth no embellishments little lies around the edges no omissions obscurities just plain truth Why is this so hard to do?

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