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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Spoon of sweetened condensed milk changes unwanted dog food into a treat much desired. Think I will carry some everywhere I go to sweeten crabby clerks impatient drivers grumpy people just a quick spoonful will change all to a smile. … Continue reading

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Give Me Five

hand has five fingers foot has five toes this flower has five petals five, number of harmony I have five senses with which to enjoy the world five lines in a stave of music pentagram, for mysticism, protection what makes … Continue reading

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Number Poems #4–Four Elements

Earth gives beauty and life Fire purges the old Wind, breath of God Water, cleanses and renews

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Number Poems #4–Four Seasons

Spring birthing new possibilities Summer blooms color everywhere Fall gives abundant harvest Winter, rest and reflection

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Number Poem #4–Math

Add love to all Subtract all negative thoughts Divide, share, mother said Multiply happiness with love

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Number Poems #4–Four Parts of the Day

Dawn awakens from slumber Returning from mystic travels Soul joins my body I am at peace Day filled with life Hustle, bustle, scurry, run Taking time to know I am filled with joy Evening slows my rush Lakeside sunset beckons … Continue reading

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The primordial triangle Mind, body, Spirit Trinity…key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence. Oak, ash, and thorn Home of fairies and Mother Goddess–Queen of the Floresta Mystical ancient knowledge is guarded within. Past, present, future are one in … Continue reading

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