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A Truthful Poem

Why write a poem full of lies? Is not poetry where one bears his soul? Even if filled with metaphors the poem reveals the lover’s heart filled with longing overflowing with love tears unshed truth revealed.

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Lucky Me

I am lucky blessed am I my path is strewn with four-leaf clover rainbows hover above my head angels guard my every step I am loved I am loved luck and loved through all time

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Neon Footprints

Lay down neon footprints, Lord Blaze a trail so clear to me Make my faith forever strong May I walk with my hand in Thine Guide me, Lord, to the Promised Land.

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Vulnerable fragile tendrils of fantasy illusion wrapped in mystery filled with emptiness waiting for others to make life happen afraid to start living my life governed only by that voice within

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Right Here

I’m here then there until I’m nowhere or even everywhere Who am I? What am I? A thought single idea part of God’s day dream?

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What Animal

What animal would I like to be mighty lion or bumble bee? Sometimes I want to be anything else but me how silly I can be for end the end I can only be me.

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One More Race

I never knew I would be old body parts would fail memory, too I feel like a race driver sitting in a broken down old car raring to go one more time around the track but all I can do … Continue reading

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