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You can not steal my words for they come from Source, thus are available to all for the asking. Do not guard your creativity for everything comes from our Creator. Would you claim the summer breeze, moonbeams that shine on … Continue reading

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Oh, Pride

P uffed up with our own importance R egaling our tenuous virtues to all I nner voice warnings ignored D etermined to get what we want E very arrogant and self-centered

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From Where Cometh Might?

Do not let your might come from your slashing tongue but rather from the power of love, which in the end, bends the knee of all.

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My voice is yours, my pen scribes Your words, fingers play heavenly music hands draw Your designs, feet trod to comfort those to whom you would give solace. My body, heart, soul, conduits for Your unending love to us all.

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Listening to the Crone

I would have a word with you. Let this crone tell you true, all your tears are for naught if you do not learn the lessons they bring. Life is hard for a reason, to push us forward when we … Continue reading

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Not Perfect

I am so far away from perfection, yet I offer whatever I do to my Creator, to do my best to act purely for my love of God knowing that when I die, I will have done all that is … Continue reading

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Please Help Me

I try, I fail, and try again. I shall never do otherwise, God, if you leave me to my own devices. It is You who must give me the grace to succeed. You who breaks this cycle of failure. You … Continue reading

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