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No Changes Needed

Live this life and all it offers Knowing it is a world of illusion Only You are the reality Live this life and all it offers The mind of God experiences But never needs to change Live this life and … Continue reading

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No Solutions

I will not solve your problems loving you enough to let you suffer until you can understand how to become free.

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Why Meditate?

What is meditation sitting quietly? counting prayers? quieting the mind? Seeking, seeking, never finding for how can you find what you already have?

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Knowing Self

Renouncing the world does not relieve your misery. Enlightenment still beckons. If you claim liberation as an attainment you stay lost in your self-claimed enlightenment. You do no need to be a seeker for you already are that which you … Continue reading

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For All Eternity

I am at home in solitude contented just to be sitting in the sun for all eternity

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I want this and that More is never quite enough I remain empty

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Drop of Honey

Live as a child a butterfly experience the flower color, scent, beauty then move on each moment a world in its own a single drop of honey on the tongue then gone

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