Hair, curling, straightening, coloring
shampooing, conditioning, braiding
how many hours, how much money
have I spent on my hair in my lifetime?
How many sacks of rice and beans
health-giving vegetables
to feed hungry souls

I bought the story, played the game
wore the golden handcuffs
of corporate illusion
then one day I woke-up
saw the absurdity of my life.

I walked away
gave away
stripped to the core
and began the journey
back to reality
unfettered, free of
goals that weren’t
really mine.

We often speak of freedom
yet few have ever tasted
its sublime promise
felt it sprout within
growing, growing
until nothing can contain
its wonder, truth, glory
as we become
aware, conscious
of our place in
the matrix of all
a tiny pulse of life
free forever.


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