Rainforest News #119

Pink bubbles blossom
Smacking, chewing, stretching, blow!
Children’s mouth magic!


Buttons open, close
Collections dazzle the eye
Velcro’s not the same!


Captured sunshine
Valued worldwide
for purity,
endurance, glory
alchemy, transformation.
Becoming gold.


Quote of the Day

Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’; And then do it.
Duane Michals


Pat’s Ponderings

What if there is no God, no afterlife, just this struggle and then we die? If you knew this for certain, what would you change?


Children’s Wisdom

Sometimes I wake up and see an angel by my bed. The kids at school say the angel isn’t real…just my imagination. When I asked the angel if she was real, she said, “As real as the love in your heart!” Way cool!!!


    • I am looking forward to your reflections. And thank you for always leaving little jewels of comments, such sweet gifts that I always treasure. Hugs, pat


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