E verything is gone
M y soul is stripped bare
P eople call but I can’t hear
T here is a void waiting to be filled
Y esterdays disappeared; there is only now


    • Tejaswi, we all have emotions, caught in this world of duality. The poems come from Source and are not autobiographical per se. But all the poems have themes that we all experience. It is interesting to me, too, that the poems have times of being sad, lacking in faith, etc. when they are called inspirational. Yet, it is inspirational to know that we can pass through these difficult times and still feel joyful, peaceful and filled with Light. hugs, pat

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    • Sometimes everything is not ok at that moment…or even more than a moment. But the joyous thing about life is that each valley has a mountain top. The poems, which come from Source, reflect the duality of our lives…we all have these moments. Peaks and valleys, we learn from both. On the other hand, the poem could be read as a positive. hugs, pat


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