No More Religion?

empty church

There’s the church
and there’s the steeple
open the door but
there’s no people

Is religion becoming
no longer sought
unable to meet
the needs of today?

Why do people follow
religions across the globe
in an astounding variety
of beliefs, doctrines, rituals?

We long for some divine
meaning of life
a purpose
an explanation for
the sorrow–and joy of life.

Most people do not yet know
that what we seek
we already have
inside, patiently waiting
for us t discover
that we are part
of the divine matrix
of One given
so many names
the One I call Love.


  1. A good point, Pat, but it probably had its beginning in the first century when the rabbis and the priests were at such odds with each other and instead of really hearing what Jesus taught which was deeply spiritual, they processed it in their minds as an outward ‘religion’ demanded by the Law. So there obedience was because the Law demanded it not because Jesus said “It is my will” which meant He wanted obedience because they loved Him. Love is the core and without it ‘religion’ is worthless.


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