Realm of Woe


Into the realm of woe
goes the doer of evil deeds.
There is an accounting
for all we do.
To think there is not
is foolish indeed.

Yet, do not take delight
in another’s just due
rather pray for their soul
that they may find the Light
for we are all connected.
True peace can not
exist until it is had by all.


  1. This hits so close to home. Honestly, I get a momentary rush when someone gets their ‘just due’ but, you just made me realize why it is momentary, why it is not permanent. I seem to be always seeking the evil doers just for that momentary rush. Instead, I should be hoping with the same fervor that they see, and follow a light of righteousness.

    Much of what I like on this page are some great pictures that stimulate the senses.


    • It is a good lesson for all of us, Dave. The pictures are from the Internet for the most part. A real goldmine of great photography. Part of the pleasure of doing this blog is finding wonderful pictures to use. Glad you enjoy them. hugs, pat


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