I, the Dancer

In my heart, I’m a dancer.
Lithe, I spin and leap my ecstasy
graceful, delicate, strong.
The power of the music
the dance
spins the truth
there can be no lie
in the dance
which needs no words
to tell the story
only a willing body
and a dream.


    • Thanks, always glad to share these Source poems. Feel free to use them whenever you want to. If you go to my home page and look on the right for “Search for a poem,” enter the word Dance and a list of all the poems where dance is a theme or is mentioned. I see that you just started this blog. The more often you post, the more readers you will gain. Feel free to use any of my poems if you want to post more often. Just go to my blog, search, and pick one from the list anytime you want to post but don’t have anything new to post. I also use older poems and repost sometimes when I am traveling or unavailable to post. Since I can schedule ahead of this this isn’t usually a problem but that solution is always there. Good look on your blog. I reposted my poem from your blog as it will reference your blog from my FB page now.
      hugs, pat

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