Different Perspective

energy field1

It’s not that I’m indifferent
even detached is not the word.
I have moved into the Great Beyond
seeing life from a different perspective
letting go of what’s
no longer real for me
a being of light
throughout eternity.


  1. For myself I’ve let go of all that doesn’t serve me. Habit’s ,and most importantly , believe systems.when you awaken & realize for sure everything you were taught has been a lie & your own government profits on our misery and the corperate medical surgical satanic mass murdering machine.forgive me if you’re not from the u.s.a. , I am & this is fact here.anyway , take beliefs far enough & knowing you’re a cosmic eternal being of light even breathing can be considered a believe.I have heard Tibetan monks achieve ing light body & some going underwater for several days.I have dreams of walking underwater.am I dreaming ?.

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