The Traveler


Just when I thought
life was almost over
I’m given a new journey
to begin.

Where will this new
path take me?
What adventures
lie in store?

This old woman
walks more slowly now
back bent, knees creaky
vision not so good
yet the spirit remains
young and strong
a ready traveler
to the end.


      • I just feel sorry for all the old people, some of them are so lonely, like the lady in the picture. Lonely and full of suffering. And they need to travel (or only to move), they don’t want to. I think 🙂 Hugs, also 🙂


      • Mirela, look at Marie Lough’s comment. Isn’t it interesting how you two see the picture so differently? Old people do not have to be lonely, sad, empty. But then, neither do young people. We make our life what it is by our view of it. Yes, life is hard many times, but there are also many sweet, wonderful things to love as well. Our serenity comes from deep within and can never be taken by external happenings, even suffering. I love that we share with each other like this, for after all, I have seen life both ways, too…hard and sad, joyous and interesting. hugs, pat


      • Yes, I saw her comment and I know is how you say. Is just because of the spaces we live in, I’m sure. A lot of situations here, where I have to live, listen and watch, are sad and full of sorrow and helplessness. But I am not without hope 😀 , I only have moments.
        And yes, is very interesting to observe our so different reviews, absolutely. I kind of sociological analyse 🙂


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