Other People’s “Lovelies”

dog looking up

Perhaps other people love him
I never could, he’s too…
Are there people in your life
whom you consider “other people’s lovelies,”
lovable by some, but not for you?

There is no denying that some people
can be aggravating, aggressive, and
unappealing. They can be our
best teachers! Through them, we
learn compassion, patience,
unconditional love.

Try finding one thing you can
like about this person.
Each time you meet them
consider their soul as it
struggles to grow. Be
grateful for the opportunity
they provide you to become
more compassionate and loving.


  1. I hear what you’re saying and I love the sentiment. However… There are some people in the world we are just not compatible with, people whose souls just aren’t struggling to grow and who are – at least for you (they may still be someone else’s lovelies – hopefully) – better left aside. Not everyone loves you, every day, all the time, always… See, you made me think! Thank you! *smile*

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    • Yes, there are people I choose not be be around. I move away from them with prayers for their growth and a mental “thank you” for any lessons I learn by being around them or by needing to choose not to be around them. There are other people whom I can not eliminate from my life for a variety of reasons. These are my biggest challenges and the ones who teach me the most, usually compassion and patience. It does not mean that I learn to like these people, but rather that I learn to see that they are souls growing…however difficult that is to see, and that we are connected in ways that we do not understand fully yet. And there have been times when my acceptance of them resulted in changed behavior between us, even friendship in a couple of instances. That took some work on both of our parts, however. Thanks for your thoughtful answer. You made me think more about this, too. Yeah! hugs, pat

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