Reading by Candlelight

I read by candlelight,
another day the energy
failed. It used to annoy
me as it does my neighbors
whose children are fretful
without the anesthesia of TV.

I’ve learned to enjoy the
days where we must live as
our grandparents did, without
all the time saving devices that
never seem to deliver their
promise of time to do what
makes us happy.

Yesterday, I wore an unpressed
shirt and painted a picture
fine. I baked bread in a wood
oven, and enjoyed going back in time.


  1. Exactly! I’m also turning the clock back… cooking whenever possible on a wood burner stove; wood for heat; no TV except when at Pat’s… then movies only… no toxic programming; readying for the food gardens; water from a spring or rain barrel; walks instead of games. It’s a good life! πŸ™‚


  2. It is sometimes very good to avoid doing things with the help of technical instruments, half of which are quite absurd.
    With every technical achievement or advancement, we are losing a part of us- we are drifting away from not only the social bonds but also from ourselves as well.
    If this condition is prevailing today, then I am fearful of thinking what would happen in the coming times!


    • Thank you for the honor, Sonel, of the award. I am not able to meet the requirements due to time restraints but love that you nominated Source of Inspiration. hugs, pat


      • You are very welcome dear one and no problem. This is just another way of other bloggers to come to your blog and read your amazing posts. πŸ™‚


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