Elephant’s Tale


The more I learn
the less I know
for all opens doors
to that which I’ve
never considered.

We are ants on the
tail of the elephant
thinking we know
the entirety of
what we see.

Perhaps I will quit
learning before I
become irrevocably
ignorant of what
life is really about.

Yet more and more
I want to know
who I really am,
why I am here,
what purpose has
my life, for this
I must seek
and risk knowing
less and less.


  1. ‘Ants on the tail of an elephant’ I like that phrase, and so true! 🙂 We like to think we know quite a bit, but I think the older we get the less we find we know. But maybe that’s not so bad, because at least it shows we are learning what we thought we knew is not so. That in itself is an education – so maybe we have learnt more than we realise! 😉


  2. How true it is that the more we seek knowledge, the more it eludes us. But as I grow in faith, the less I realize I need to know. I am learning to relax into life and allow it to flow in and through me.
    Beautiful, thought provoking poem. I enjoyed beginning my day with it in mind. Thank you 😉


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